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Dooley Ranch

Dooley Ranch Ranch at Guthrie  Texas - Ranch Property
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Property Description

4,131 +/- Acres

Located in the Big Ranch Country in the southeast portion of King County with the extreme southern end of the ranch extending into Stonewall County, Texas. This property lies about halfway between Lubbock and Wichita Falls, being north of Abilene, Texas.

Access to the ranch is good, and is provided by graded County Road 352 which runs through the middle of the ranch.

The topography on the ranch varies from rough, broken, very scenic canyons, valleys, and elevated ridges to nearly level, gently rolling country. Elevations range from approximately 1,770 feet on the north end of the ranch to 1,500 feet on the southern end. The southern end of the ranch is the most productive portion of the property with more fertile bottom land. To the north and west, the terrain becomes rougher and more broken as the elevation increases to more canyon country with elevated ridges and rockier soils.

There is a solid turf of native grasses on the ranch that include Buffalo Grass, Hairy Grama, Texas Winter Grass, Arizona Cottontop, Little Bluestem, Indian Grass, Switch Grass, Side Oats Grama, Vine-mesquite Grass, Plains Bristle Grass, Tobosa and Three-awn, to name a few. The southern portion of the ranch has a scattering of Mesquite, and the rougher portions of the ranch have a canopy of Ash Juniper.

The principal source of water on the ranch is supplied by the King-Cottle Rural Waterline. This water line runs through the ranch and supplies water to two 10ft x 10ft concrete livestock drinking troughs. More waterline could be run through the ranch and additional drinking troughs could be added, if desired. Other sources of water include two large earthen ponds, and multiple smaller ponds along with seasonal creeks.

The ranch is improved by a nice set of livestock pens.

Hunting on the Dooley Ranch is considered to be excellent with game species that include dove, quail, turkey, wild hogs, waterfowl and White Tail Deer. There is also a heard of elk that travel through the ranch from time to time.

Grazing Lease:
The ranch is currently leased for livestock grazing by a neighboring rancher who has been a long-term tenant on the property. The ranch is selling with the grazing lease in place. It expires on December 31, 2018. The tenant has the ranch conservatively socked at 75 head of cows, or a cow to 55 acres. The current income from the lease is $18,400 annually. This lease payment will be pro-rated to the date of closing.

Remarks & Pricing
If you are looking for a great recreational, hunting and cattle ranch in West Texas offering a wide array of topography, good access, excellent hunting and is income producing, please give the Dooley Ranch your full consideration. The Dooley Ranch is realistically priced at $725.00 per acre. For more information or to schedule a showing please give Brendan Garrison a call at (806) 763-5331 office or (806) 790-5900 cell.

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Property Info
  • Area: Guthrie , Texas
  • Status: Available
  • Price: $2,994,975
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 4,131 Acres


Contact Info
  • Offered by: Brendan Garrison
  • Email:
  • Office: (806) 763-5331
  • Direct: (806) 790-5900