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Smith Farm

Smith Farm Farm at Lorenzo Texas - Farm Property
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Property Description

The Smith Farm is located in the northwest-quadrant of Crosby County, adjoining the southwest side of Lorenzo, Texas. Access is excellent, being by US Hwy 62/82 on the north, graded CR 105 on the west, graded CR 107 on the east and graded CR 170 on the south.

General Description:
The Smith Farm contains 236 acres, more or less, and is located in a very productive farming area. This property is currently being operated as a partially irrigated farm, with approximately 122 acres under pivot irrigation, approximately 83 acres of dry cropland and 31 acres, more or less, in native grass. The terrain is mostly level, with some gently sloping land on the north side which slopes to a playa lake. This entire playa lake area is in an excellent stand of native grass and is currently being utilized for cattle grazing.

Improvements include one (1) center pivot irrigation system, three (3) irrigation wells and a network of underground line. The center pivot is a 1990 model Reinke brand system, currently nozzled at 500 g.p.m. To the best of our knowledge, this system is in good working condition. The irrigation wells are equipped with one 4-inch electric submersible, one 75 h.p. turbine pump powered by natural gas and one 50 h.p. turbine pump powered by natural gas. The irrigation wells have not been test pumped; however, based on conversations with the tenant farmer, the irrigation wells will pump approximately 600 gpm at the beginning of the growing season and will drop to 500 gpm.

Legal Description:
236 acres, more or less, out of the West-half (W/2) of Section 42, Block C, Crosby County, Texas.

APH Yields:
Average Irrigated Yield = 1,105 lbs.
Average Dryland Yield = 305 lbs.

The Smith Farm is currently in an excellent state of cultivation and has been very well maintained. The asking price is $1,800/ac., surface only (no minerals). The 2016 property taxes are approximately $1,600. If you are looking for a productive partially irrigated farm in the western portion of Crosby County, this offering should fit your needs. For additional information, please contact Rusty Lawson.

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Property Info
  • Area: Lorenzo, Texas
  • Status: Sold
  • Price:
  • Type: Farm
  • Lot Size: 236 acres, more or less


Contact Info
  • Offered by: Rusty Lawson
  • Email:
  • Office: (806) 763-5331
  • Direct: (806) 778-2826