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Barrel & Indian Creek Ranch

Barrel & Indian Creek Ranch Ranch at Silverton Texas - Ranch Property
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Property Description

The Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch is located approximately 65 linear miles southeast of Amarillo, Texas, and 8 linear miles east of Silverton, Texas. The property contains over 50 square miles and offers some of the most stunning views of the scenic Palo Duro Canyon from all parts of the property.

32,041.57 Acres

The Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch is situated primarily within the Palo Duro Canyon. As the second-largest canyon system in the United States, the Palo Duro Canyon is roughly 120 miles long and has an average width of 6 miles, but reaches widths of 20 miles at places.

Due to the nature of the canyon, the Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch offers an extremely diverse topography which may actually be the most rugged topography of any large ranch property in the State of Texas. Beginning on the south end of the ranch, approximately 10% of the property is described as fairly level upland plains country, which dramatically descends to steep jagged canyon walls, rolling and hilly transitional country, and finally productive creek bottom country as the ranch nears the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River along the north boundary of the property.

From the elevated uplands on the south portion of the property overwhelming panoramic views showcase the Palo Duro Canyon and the winding creek bottoms of Barrel and Indian Creeks.

Elevation change on the Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch is a spectacular 1,000 feet. The upper plains country has an elevation slightly above 3,200 feet. Along the canyon floor near the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River, the elevation falls to approximately, 2,200 feet.

The ranch contains a good variety of native grasses along with desirable browse for wildlife. The native grass turf is in excellent condition over much of the ranch due to timely moisture this spring and a conservative stocking rate. Buffalograss and various grama grasses are found on the plains above the Caprock escarpment and on the flat, mid-level divides. The bottomland along Barrel and Indian Creeks supports tall and mid-level grasses, which include Indiangrass, Canada wild-rye, little bluestem and alkali sacaton. The canyon breaks have a scattered to sometimes dense canopy of juniper and mesquite, with wild plum thickets, cottonwood and hackberry trees being found along the bottom country.

A 4-year old, Reinke brand pivot sprinkler system is used to irrigate about 125 acres just north of the headquarters. Irrigation water to the pivot is provided by two wells with a total pumping capacity reported to be around 1,000 gallons per minute.

With over 3,000 acres of the ranch being located on the productive upland plains, additional land is suitable for cultivation and the irrigated portion of the property could be expanded to enhance the overall carrying capacity of the ranch.

The ranch has historically been utilized as a year round cow/calf operation with typical stocking rates of 500-600 cows, depending upon weather conditions and patterns. The ranch could also be utilized for seasonal grazing of yearlings.

This property is considered to be very well watered. The ranch is primarily watered by several windmills and six wells equipped with electric submersible pumps. Well water cannot be located in some areas of the rugged canyon country. For this reason, an extensive waterline network with water storage reservoirs has been constructed. Some wells are located below the Caprock, but the majority of the water source comes from quality Ogallala water located on the upland plains. This quality and dependable water source supplies approximately 40 miles of buried waterlines used to transport well water to drinking troughs placed over many areas of the ranch. In addition to the water wells and waterlines, several dirt tanks have been constructed in places and several natural playa lake areas are found on the upland plains country.

Barrel and Indian Creeks meander in a north, north easterly direction through the ranch, eventually draining into the Praire Dog Town Fork of the Red River. Live water and/or water holes are common throughout the creeks. Several other seasonal creeks and springs are scattered around the ranch. Overall, the property is considered to be well watered.

The ranch is improved by a nice headquarters located on the upland plains near the southern-most boundary. The headquarters house is a comfortable completely remodeled three bedroom, two bathroom home with attached garage. Other headquarter improvements include two large metal shops/barns and the main shipping pens, which are of pipe and sucker rod construction with a covered hydraulic squeeze chute and livestock scales. A 180' x 400' roping arena is located just off the main shipping pens. Several other good sets of working pens are located throughout the ranch.

Two additional houses are located near the rim, overlooking some of the most scenic portions of the Palo Duro Canyon. An older, completely remodeled three bedroom, two bath home and a nearly new two bedroom, two bath owner's residence/lodge with a porch and attached two car garage offer comfortable housing for 10-12 people, if needed.

The Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch is fenced and cross fenced into approximately 14 pastures and traps. Overall, the fences are in fair to good condition. In some places, due to the rugged topography, canyon walls and rim rocks serve as natural boundaries and pasture divisions of the ranch.

The ranch has an extensive and well maintained network of ranch roads that transverse most all portions of the property. The current owner has taken great care to keep all roads in good operating condition in order to provide access to different parts of the ranch for both humans and livestock. The ranch also has a large on-site caliche pit that furnishes quality road material for major ranch roads throughout the property.

Access to the property is provided by State Highway 256, which runs along the ranch's southern boundary.

The wildlife features on the Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch are excellent and hunting in the area is known to be outstanding. Both mule deer and whitetail deer thrive in this area, as do aoudad sheep. Quail, turkey and bobcat are also very common. The ranch is enrolled in the MLDP (Managed Lands Deer Program) through the Texas Parks and Wildlife. Through this program, the ranch is able to hunt deer earlier and later than the general season, extending through the rut.

While demand for commercial hunting is substantial, during the current 40 year ownership no commercial hunting has been allowed. The only hunting on the ranch has been the owner's family and close friends.

The Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch represents one of the most scenic properties in the Texas Panhandle. The famous Palo Duro Canyon State Park is located up the canyon, northwest of the Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch. In our opinion, the Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch is actually more diverse and more scenic than the state park. To our knowledge, no other privately owned property in the canyon system compares to the Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch from the standpoint of diversity and scenic views. The existing road network and waterline network are a major plus for the property, and everything appears to be in good operable condition. This ranch has been well maintained and ready for the new owner to enjoy and operate.

This unique, long term ownership ranch is market priced at $750 per acre.

Very seldom does a ranch of this size and quality come on the market in this area of Texas. This offering includes 50% of the seller's owned mineral rights, along with all wind generation rights. Currently, 5,869 acres, being primarily the upper plains country, are under an option agreement for the development of wind energy. This option agreement was entered into on Dec. 15, 2016 and is for a term of 5 years. The option payment is in the amount $17,606 per year.

If you are looking for a large, quality cattle, recreation/hunting ranch, the Barrel and Indian Creek Ranch deserves your immediate attention.

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Property Info
  • Area: Silverton, Texas
  • Status: Available
  • Price: $24,031,177.50
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 32,041.57 Acres


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