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D&D Whitetails Hunting Ranch

D&D Whitetails Hunting Ranch Ranch at Aspermont Texas - Ranch Property
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Property Description

The property is located just west of Aspermont and fronts Highway 380 on the north and FM 2211 on the south.

4,851.03 Acres

The terrain is varied and offers approximately 200' of topographic relief. A high ridge runs north to south along much of the western portion of the property. Cover along this portion of the ranch is generally provided by a combination of mesquite and cedar, with the remainder of the ranch having a often dense canopy of mesquite. Soils consist of a mixture of clay and sandy loam. Overall, the ranch supports a good variety of native grasses along with abundant varieties of browse, and the turf is in good condition.

Approximately a dozen foodplots have been established on the ranch, which are generally planted to wheat for wildlife grazing. These foodplots range in size from about 2 acres to 6.5 acres. A large cultivated field containing approximately 100 acres is located on the northern portion of the ranch, and another large field of approximately 14.5 acres is located on the southern portion of the ranch.

Over the previous several years, the owner has spent countless man-hours developing new dirt tanks and cleaning out many older dirt tanks to enhance surface water on the ranch. Several new dirt tanks have been constructed that are currently over 30' in depth. One new dam has recently been completed that was constructed to take advantage of a nearby spring. This large tank is currently about 1/3rd full, and when full, should cover close to 30 acres and be over 20' deep.

The recent dirt work on the network of roads and dirt tanks was engineered to take advantage of the terrain features available, and designed to last. Several ponds were constructed to catch silt and other debris, allowing the flow of the water to slow and flow over spillways into the larger reservoirs. The very impressive infrastructure has to be seen as photos do not do it justice.

City water is available, and has been installed on the ranch. Currently, the ranch has a tap on a city waterline that runs down FM 2211. There is another city waterline that follows Highway 380 on the north side of the ranch that could be utilized if desired. The access to city water is extremely beneficial to the property, as underground water is difficult to find in this area.

Besides the enhancements made to the ranch to benefit the wildlife, the ranch has further been improved by a very nice, almost new modular home that is located on a bluff overlooking the scenic southern portion of the property. This home contains three bedrooms and two baths and is ready to enjoy. The home is currently furnished, however, many of the furnishings will be removed prior to closing. To ensure the comfort of the new owner, the seller has agreed to make a concession of $20,000 at closing for new furniture. Other improvements to the property include a set of pipe livestock pens located in the southeastern portion of the property near FM 2211.

In 2016 this division of the D&D Whitetails Ranch was stocked with whitetail deer that were delivered from 10X Buck Ranch. At that time, twenty-one bred does, twenty-three 2.5 yr. old bucks and eleven doe fawns were released on this division of the ranch. Invoices indicate that over $150,000 was spent on the deer herd. Copies of invoices, along with Deer Breeder Program Transfer Permits are available. (Over 1,000 trail camera photos available by request.)

Multiple protein and corn feeders are in place, as well as quality elevated hunting blinds. The ranch has not been hunted since the installation of the new fence and delivery of the deer. The ranch is enrolled in the MLD Program through the Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the current owner will continue to maintain the requirements stipulated until the property sells and a new ownership can take over.
There is a high fenced trap located in the northwestern portion of the property that contains approximately 200 acres. This trap would be well suited to holding deer or exotic game.

Waterfowl is plentiful throughout the winter in this area and migratory bird hunting is generally considered to be very good. The large dirt tanks are a magnet to ducks and dove, and most have been stocked with fish. This area of the state is widely known for offering exceptional quail hunting as well.

The D&D Whitetails Ranch is a truly ready to operate and enjoy quality hunting ranch. This property is well suited to be utilized as a commercial hunting operation, a corporate hunting ranch, or an exceptional retreat for family and friends. With drive times from the DFW Metro area being around three hours, an international airport at Lubbock and a regional airport at Abilene, the location of this property lends itself to frequent utilization. Additionally, there is a county airport at Aspermont.

Offered basically turn-key, the ranch is very realistically priced at $1,450 per acre. With approximately 12 miles of nearly new perimeter fencing, a new home, exceptional water features and a quality deer program in place, this may be the most realistically priced ranch on the market! If you are in the market for a quality recreation ranch in this part of Texas, the D&D Whitetails Ranch definitely deserves your attention.

No minerals are available, however, the ranch is for sale with no reservations being made for wind energy production.

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Property Info
  • Area: Aspermont, Texas
  • Status: Sold
  • Price: $7,033,993.50
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 4,851.03 Acres


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