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Nimrod Ranch

Nimrod Ranch Ranch at Haskell Texas - Ranch Property
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Property Description

The Nimrod Ranch is located in the northern part of Haskell County, approximately 9 miles southeast of Knox City and 10 miles north of Haskell. The property is situated on the east side of FM 2163 and west side of graded County Road 207.

1,167.25 Acres+/-

In the early 1950's, the playa lakes located on the property were drained and converted to cropland uses. In the 1990's the property was purchased by its current owner and enrolled in the Wetland Reserve Program. This program, which was administered by the Natural Resource Conservation Service, offered landowners the opportunity to protect and enhance wetlands in exchange for long-term protections of the land. Through the WRP, the lakes were reconstructed. Since the completion of the restoration, the property has served as a waterfowl hunter's paradise. There are 200 acres not enrolled in the program that serve as the headquarters for the property and a site for future construction of additional structures.

The property is primarily level to gently sloping. Elevations range from 1,550 feet MSL along the west boundary, descending to the northeast to 1,520 feet MSL near the northeast corner. A seasonal draw meanders through the central portion of the property, draining to the two playa lakes. The ranch is primarily open and a combination of native and improved pasture. Scattered concentrations of hardwoods are located along the drainages. There are two cultivated food plots. A 35-acre+/- food plot is located just south of the headquarters in the western part of the property. A 50-acre+/- food plot is located in the southeast part of the property.

Water Features:
The ranch is located in a very unique area of the Texas Rolling Plains. The property is situated in a chain of natural lakes, which are situated in and amongst fields of fertile cropland, which provide feed sources for the wintering waterfowl. These lakes are located between the small communities of Rochester and Weinert in southern Knox County and northern Haskell County. The central features of this one of a kind property are two restored playa lakes. The large lake in the central part of the property is known as Zahn Lake. When full, this lake is approximately 300 acres in size, with a depth of 4 feet. When Zahn Lake fills, an overflow drainage canal channels water to Johnson Lake. This lake, when full, is approximately 100 acres in size at a depth of 2 feet.

Structural improvements include a rustic corrugated metal barn with a lean-to on the west and east sides. The interior has been remodeled into a living area with wood panel walls and acoustic tile ceiling. The barn has a rainwater collection system. Runoff flows from the roof to two 3,000-gallon water storage tanks. The water is purified and pumped to a sink and an outdoor shower.

Hunting and Recreation:
As previously stated, the Nimrod Ranch is truly a waterfowl hunter's paradise. Each year, tens of thousands of specklebelly geese, lesser Canadian geese, snow geese, Ross's goose and different species of ducks make their way down the Central Flyway to northern Haskell County. The waterfowl are highly concentrated in this 30-square mile area of limited water features. The birds come to feast on the nearby irrigated peanuts. According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, approximately 100,000 geese make their way to the area each year. On January 5, 2017, according to land owner, TPWD estimated 12,000 Canadian geese, 56,800 specklebelly geese and 7,500 snow geese on Zahn Lake. This does not include the thousands of ducks that were also on the lake.

Although the ranch is known as a waterfowl destination, quality white-tail deer, dove, quail and coyotes are known to inhabit the ranch.

The Nimrod Ranch is truly a unique offering. The ranch offers exceptional waterfowl hunting within 2.5 hours of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. The area encompassing the ranch was featured in an article entitled "Big Country Geese" in the December 2016 issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. This one of a kind property, it is reasonably priced at $1,885 per acre.

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Property Info
  • Area: Haskell, Texas
  • Status: Available
  • Price: $2,200,266.25
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 1,167.25 Acres


Contact Info
  • Offered by: Chad Dugger, ARA
  • Email:
  • Office: (806) 763-5331
  • Direct: (806) 773-4749