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HEC Feedyard and Farmland

HEC Feedyard and Farmland Farm at Friona Texas - Farm Property
HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 1 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 2 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 3 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 4 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 5 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 6 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 7 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 8 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 9 HEC Feedyard and Farmland - 10
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Property Description

The property is five miles north-west of the town of Friona, in Parmer County, Texas.

Tract 1:
HEC Feedyard is a 408.76 +/- acre confined feeding operation situated in the heart of the cattle feeding country in Parmer County north- west of the town of Friona, Texas. HEC is permitted for 115,000 head with a practical maximum capacity of approximately 65,000 head. The yard is located within 250 miles of six of the largest packers in the U.S. These six packers alone slaughter an estimated 27,500 head daily.

Tract 2:
257.8 +/- acres that includes irrigated & dryland farm ground and grassland with pivot irrigation, multiple irrigation wells, water storage with booster pump that provides water for the feedyard, small manufactured house and a small shop. The farm is currently leased and farmed. The lease agreement expires in June 2017. All planted crops are the property of the lessee and will be harvested prior to the termination date of the lease agreement.

HEC feedyard features 426 pipe and cable feed pens of various sizes allowing for feeding of single-load or multiple loads of cattle with 67,700 +/- linear feet of slip-form concrete feed bunk space. Pens contain continuous-flow water troughs, there are two cattle shipping and receiving areas with two sets of cattle scales, one set of truck scales at the main office, two processing barns, seven hospital facilities, horse barn, feed mill, silage pits, water wells and retention control ponds.

Improvements on the property include a 1,440 Sq Ft manufactured home, metal storage barn, water wells, water storage and a pivot sprinkler system.

Price & Remarks
This well located property was recently acquired by a commercial bank and they are very anxious to sell the property as soon as possible. As everyone who is even remotely involved in the cattle business knows, the cattle feeding industry has recently experienced the greatest downturn in cattle prices in recent memory. Commercial feeders have suffered tremendous losses and this is a very difficult time for the industry. The lender acquired HEC Feedyard and the nearby farmland, not by choice, but by necessity. This lender is extremely motivated to sell this acquired property in the very near future, even though they are facing a large financial loss. Knowing that the property will likely decline in value standing vacant, the seller has elected to price the feedyard at nearly salvage value in order to move the property quickly.

It is estimated that replacement cost new on a commercial feedyard today is in the range of $300 - $400 per head. The lender has listed the feedyard and farmland combined at the very realistic asking price of $1,350,000, or approximately $20.76 per head based on a practical capacity of 65,000 head.

This offering represents the rare opportunity to purchase a large commercial feedyard at a "fire sale" price. The lender's loss can be the purchaser's gain. The forward thinking cattle feeder should view this offering as a means to acquire one of the largest commercial feedyards in the Texas Panhandle at a substantially discounted price, so much so, that this property could be "banked" while cattle feeding is not profitable, then reopened for business when the cattle feeding industry returns to a profitable enterprise, which it will.

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Property Info
  • Area: Friona, Texas
  • Status: Available
  • Price: $805,600
  • Type: Farm
  • Lot Size: 666.56 Acres


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