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Shorty Harris Farm - Carson County, Texas

Shorty Harris Farm - Carson County, Texas Farm at Whitedeer Texas - Farm Property
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Property Description

The Shorty Harris Farm is located in the east-central portion of Carson County, being approximately 2 miles east of White Deer, Texas. Access is good, being by graded CR 17 on the north, graded CR Bb on the west and graded CR 16 on the south.

General Description:
This is a rectangle shaped property, being approximately 1 mile long from north to south and approximately .5 of a mile wide from east to west. According to the Carson County Appraisal District, this farm contains 320 acres, more or less. The terrain of this property is basically level, with the primary soils being Lazbuddie clay, 0-1% slopes and Lofton clay loam, 0-1% slopes. The two irrigated circles are in cultivation, with the corners seeded to a good stand of bluestem grass.

Improvements include two (2) center pivot irrigation systems, one (1) irrigation well and underground line. The center pivots include one Zimmatic brand system and one T&L brand system. To the best of our knowledge, the Zimmatic is approximately 10 years old and the T&L is an older system. Both pivots are nozzled at 600 g.p.m. and are in good working condition. The irrigation well is approximately 509 feet deep and is equipped with a 110 h.p. turbine pump powered by natural gas. The perimeters of the property are fenced, being of barbed wire and steel t-post construction. A nice set of pipe livestock pens are also located on the property. Both the fencing and pens are in excellent condition.

Legal Description:
The West-half (W/2) of Section 23, Block 7, I&GN Co. Survey, Abstract 473, Carson County, Texas.

The Shorty Harris Farm is currently in an excellent state of cultivation and has been well maintained. The asking price is $2,850/ac., surface only (no minerals). The 2016 property taxes are approximately $1,211, or $3.78/ac. If you are looking for a productive partially irrigated farm in the Texas Panhandle, this offering should fit your needs. For additional information, please contact Rusty Lawson.

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Property Info
  • Area: Whitedeer, Texas
  • Status: Sold
  • Price:
  • Type: Farm
  • Lot Size: 320 acres


Contact Info
  • Offered by: Rusty Lawson
  • Email:
  • Office: (806) 763-5331
  • Direct: (806) 778-2826