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Riverside Ranch

Riverside Ranch Ranch at Justiceburg Texas - Ranch Property
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Property Description

The Riverside Ranch is located on the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River in Garza County, Texas. This ranch is located in the southeast-quadrant of Garza County, being approximately .5 of a mile southwest of Justiceburg, Texas, or approximately 15 miles southeast of Post, Texas.

Access is by a graded CR 386 which adjoins the east and south sides of the property.

This ranch is a contiguous block of three sections of land, containing a total of 1,900 acres, more or less.

General Description:
The Riverside Ranch is a scenic property, with the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River cutting through the north-central side and Griffin Creek meandering through the west side. The Brazos River and Griffin Creek will typically stand holes of water throughout the year and will have a heavy flow of water in times of significant rainfall. Several tributaries to the Brazos River meander through the property. These tributaries will also run water from time to time.

The terrain of the Riverside Ranch is diverse, ranging from level bottom land to scenic rough and broken elevated ridges. This property has an elevation change of approximately 110 feet, ranging from a low of approximately 2,235 feet along the river bottom to approximately 2,345 feet on the elevated uplands areas.

The brush canopy varies from fairly open to dense, being primarily mesquite with some scattered cedar. Scattered hackberry trees and some larger big bull mesquite are found in the lower areas of the ranch. The grass turf found throughout the property is currently in good condition. The principal grasses include blue grama, side-oats grama, vine mesquite, western wheatgrass, buffalo grass, tobossa grass, white tridens and alkali sacaton.

This ranch is considered to be well watered for the area, being watered by Griffin Creek, five (5) dirt tanks and one (1) water well. Also, a 500 bbl metal water storage tank has been placed on the property. Two of the dirt tanks are new, with the largest being approximately 18 to 22 feet deep at max capacity. All of the dirt tanks had a significant amount of water as of April 2016.

Fences and Pens:
The exterior and interior of the Riverside Ranch has been totally re-fenced, with new five-strand barbed wire and t-post fencing. Additionally, a really nice set of pipe and welded panel pens have been constructed near the center of the ranch.

A variety of wildlife is frequently seen throughout the property consisting of Whitetail deer, Bobwhite quail, turkey, dove and wild hogs. It has been reported that Red Deer have also been seen on the ranch. The fairly open to dense canopy of mesquite provides excellent habitat for the good population of deer and quail. Very little hunting has been allowed on the property throughout the years; however, in 2015 the landowner did kill a 150 class whitetail deer. The landowner has placed two (2) 2,000 lbs. heavy gauge metal deer feeders on the property that will remain with the land.

Eight (8) producing oil wells are located on the southwest side of the ranch. Seller owns a small portion of the minerals and will convey all of the mineral interest owned. Over the last year, the oil royalty income to the seller has ranged from $500 to $1,000 per month, depending on oil prices. Additionally, a salt water disposal well is located on the ranch which pays a minimum of $150 per month. The seller will convey his interest in the royalty produced from this SWD well.

Grazing Lease:
The ranch is currently under a year-to-year gazing lease paying $17,000 per year, terminating in December 31, 2016. The current lessee is willing to continue this lease, if a buyer so desires.

Very seldom does a ranch come on the market in this area that has all new fencing, new working pens, adequate water and producing minerals. The price of the Riverside Ranch has been reduced to $1,150 per acre. The 2015 base property taxes were approximately $1,050. For additional information, please contact Rusty Lawson.

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Property Info
  • Area: Justiceburg, Texas
  • Status: Sold
  • Price: $2,185,000
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 1,900 acres


Contact Info
  • Offered by: Rusty Lawson
  • Email:
  • Office: 806-763-5331
  • Direct: 806-778-2826