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Ewell Mimbres River Ranch

Ewell Mimbres River Ranch Ranch at Mimbres New Mexico - Ranch Property
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Property Description

The Ewell Mimbres River Ranch is located in Southwestern New Mexico's Grant County, approximately 25 miles northeast of Silver City.

9,628 Deeded Acres

The Ewell Mimbres River Ranch has been under the same family ownership for over 40 years and this is the first time the property has been offered for sale.

The ranch has historically been operated as a cow/calf ranching operation with outstanding hunting and recreation.

The Ewell Ranch is fenced into 10 pastures and traps. Interior and exterior fencing is comprised of four and five strand barb wire. Wire gates and two track roads provide easy access to all pastures on the ranch. Fencing is functional and is considered to be in fair condition with some fencing being new along the state highway frontage.

Terrain varies from lower river bottom country to fairly flat elevated mesa tops with strong grazing production and moderately steep mountain side slopes covered with side oats grama and excellent browse for wildlife and livestock. There are small breaks and depressions on many portions of the ranch. The ranch borders the Gila National Forest for miles along it's eastern and northern boundaries. These particular Gila Forest areas are remote and there is very little, if any, vehicular access. Elevations on this spectacular ranch vary from 5,900' to 7,000'.

Grazing potential on the Ewell Ranch is superb. Live water from the Mimbres River and several small tributary creeks traversing the ranch provide reliable year round water sources for both livestock and the abundant wild game calling the Ewell Ranch home. A variety of wildlife flourishes within the Ewell boundaries. The terrain and cover provide exceptional habitat for small and large game. Warm and cool season grasses are abundant throughout the ranch and the grass forage is in excellent condition. Black Walnut, Alligator Juniper, One Seed Juniper, Ponderosa Pine, Cottonwoods, Live Oak, Mahogany, and Century Plants dot the beautiful landscape on this ranch.

This ranch supports a fantastic turf of palatable native grasses. The grass on this ranch is unlike anything we have encountered in the State of New Mexico in many years.

The centerpiece of the Ewell Ranch is the extremely scenic Mimbres River frontage. The Mimbres flows through the ranch for approximately 1.5 miles and the property has valuable 1893 priority water rights on 74 acres of fertile bottomland. New Mexico is not known for its abundance of water. Ranch property with desirable live water river frontage in New Mexico is extremely rare and highly sought after. Having year round flowage across the ranch enhances the life blood for the entire ecosystem in this immediate area.

In addition to the Mimbres and several seasonal creeks traversing the ranch, other water sources consist of windmills, solar wells, and earth stock tanks. Seasonal live water is found in Sheppard and Stitzel Canyons. There are several storage tanks located in pastures to assure year round water for both livestock and wildlife. A minor amount of pipeline assists in water distribution on the ranch's northern pastures. Clearly a water system consisting of live water with ample back up via wells and stock tanks provides an owner minimal concern and cost in water system maintenance.

Hunting and Recreation:
The property is located in Game Management Unit 24. The ranch is enrolled in the E-Plus Landowner System and receives elk authorizations for bull and cow elk hunting. The gene pool for bull elk in this area is very good and they are truly "Gila Bulls". Mule Deer and Coues Whitetail Deer call the Ewell Ranch home as well. Black bear, Lion, Merriams Turkey and other species roam within the boundaries. The river bottom and irrigated areas add to the already strong habitat for wildlife. Just off the northwest boundary of the Ewell is a very good size trout fishery called Bear Canyon Lake. Traveling another few miles north of the Ewell Boundaries lies Game Management Unit 16B which includes the famous Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness Areas. With proper management and development, a recreational hunting operation is a viable supplemental income generation source on this ranch.

Access to the ranch is provided by paved highway frontage.

The Ewell Ranch headquarters, located just north of Mimbres and just off paved road #35, is improved with an owner's and foreman's homes, shop/equipment storage, hay barn, and storage sheds. The structural improvements are well maintained. The Ewell Ranch has a set of working pens and scales located northeast of the headquarters.

With Mimbres River frontage and tremendous grass forage, this jewel in New Mexico's Southern Gila Region is a must have for the discriminating buyer looking to have it all in one easily operated grazing and recreational unit. Again, It can not be understated that this ranch supports a nearly unreal turf of palatable native grasses. The grass on this ranch is unlike anything we have encountered in the State of New Mexico in many years.

$750.00 per deeded acre

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Property Info
  • Area: Mimbres, New Mexico
  • Status: Sold
  • Price: $7,221,000
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 9,628 Acres


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