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Cottle County Pease River Ranch

Cottle County Pease River Ranch Ranch at Paducah Texas - Ranch Property
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Property Description

The ranch is located northwest of Paducah, in the northwest corner of Cottle County. The property adjoins the 28,000+ acre Matador Wildlife Management Unit.

3,095 Acres

The property has historically been operated as a cow/calf cattle ranching operation, with the benefit of several hundred acres of cultivated farmland.

The ranch is comprised of an exceptional blend of rolling native grasslands and very productive cultivated farmland. Approximately 634 acres are cultivated, usually planted to winter wheat, hay grazer or other grains. Typically, the summer crops are baled and the stalks are seasonally grazed. The cultivated lands are a magnet for wildlife. Deer, turkey, and quail are plentiful, as well as migratory birds, and all species of wildlife native to the Rolling Plains.

The topography of the property is rolling with scenic bluffs, exceptional wooded bottom lands and productive upland country. The ranch has a fantastic turf of native grasses including varieties of grama and bluestem.

The ranch is considered to be very well watered by the river, springs, dirt tanks, windmills, and water wells. Water is piped underground across the ranch to drinking troughs.

Approximately one mile of the Middle Fork of the Pease River flows through the ranch, with another one mile of the river being a boundary of the property. The Middle Pease River is fed by springs and runoff, and will typically flow throughout most of the year. The wooded river bottom has canopies of large cottonwoods, tall grasses and is excellent habitat for whitetail.

In addition to the current water infrastructure, there is a cased irrigation well located in the southern portion of the ranch. In the days when it was utilized, this well provided water to a 7 tower pivot sprinkler system on a portion of the cultivated land at the rate of 500 gallons per minute on a prolonged basis.

The property adjoins the 28,000 + acre Matador Wildlife Management Area. Access to the ranch is considered to be good, being provided by graded and maintained county roads that dead-end at the ranch gate from both the northwest and southeast. There is no public access through the property, and the gates can be locked to assure privacy.

The ranch is very adequately improved for day to day farm and ranch operations. Several sets of pipe livestock working pens are located strategically throughout the property. Additionally, an older ranch home serves as a hunting cabin.

Hunting and Recreation:
As previously stated, the Pease River Ranch offers outstanding habitat for wildlife.

Whitetail deer in this area are widely known to be in abundance and true trophies are a regular occurrence in this area. Mule deer are also common on the ranch as well, inhabiting the higher elevations. Cottle County has a three day bow season as well as a two week rifle season for mule deer. A combination of an exceptional native habitat and excellent farmland provides for abundant coveys of quail and dove. Turkey frequent the river bottoms and fields.

The Matador Wildlife Management Area allows public access for recreation throughout portions of the year, and the public has access to the Matador WMA for hunting dove, quail, feral hogs (archery only), and teal with purchase of an Annual Hunting Permit. There is no public hunting for whitetail or mule deer; however, there is an annual drawing for these hunts. With the Matador WMA being right next door, this creates a very unique opportunity for quail hunters, giving access to an additional 28,000+ acres for the price of a yearly permit. Additionally, horseback riding, hiking, camping, etc. are allowed on the Matador WMA throughout much of the year. More information is available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

The Pease River Ranch is a fantastic offering, with exceptional grazing and farming opportunities. Few ranches in the state could match this long-term family ownership from the standpoint of an all around ranching and hunting operation. The wildlife in the area is abundant, and having both quality whitetail and mule deer hunting sets it apart from most other ranches.

The present family ownership owns 100% of the minerals under the ranch. To sweeten this package even further, this offering includes 1/2 of the mineral ownership.

This ranch is considered to be one of the best, if not the best, ranches offered for sale in this part of the state. With the flowing river, abundant well water, exceptional native range land, productive farmland, outstanding hunting opportunities, and the substantial mineral conveyance, it would be very difficult to find a better ranch for sale anywhere in the state.

$1,350 per acre

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Property Info
  • Area: Paducah, Texas
  • Status: Available
  • Price: $4,178,250
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 3,095 Acres


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