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Phillips Farm

Phillips Farm Farm at O'Donnell Texas - Farm Property
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Property Description

The Phillips Farm is located in northeast-quadrant of Dawson County, being approximately 5.5 miles southwest of O’Donnell, Texas. Access is by common turn-rows.

Legal Description:
The Southeast-quarter (SE/4) of Section 4, Block 34, T-7-N, Abstract 1134, Dawson County, Texas.

Approved APH Production & Yield History:
2009 - 157.4 acres at 483 lbs.
2010 - 157.4 acres at 378 lbs.
2011 - 110.9 acres at 0 lbs.
2012 - 156.3 acres at 405 lbs.
2013 - 156.3 acres at 3 lbs.
2014 - 120.0 acres at 406 lbs.
Average Yield = 367 lbs.
Average APH Yield = 408 lbs.

Farm Service Agency’s Base Acres & Yields:
(FSA Farm 5291, Tract 4242) The FSA is showing this farm to have 142 generic base acres with a CTAP Tran Yield of 423 pounds.

2014 Property Taxes:
Approximately $608.

$650 per acre. No minerals are being offered.

The terrain of this property varies from nearly level to gently sloping, with a general slope to the south and east. The primary soil found on this tract is Amarillo fine sandy loam, which is one of the most productive dryland soils in the area. The soils become thinner on approximately the east one-third of this farm, with scattered areas of surface rock in this area. For additional information, please contact Rusty Lawson.

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Property Info
  • Area: O'Donnell, Texas
  • Status: Sold
  • Price:
  • Type: Farm
  • Lot Size: 160 acres


Contact Info
  • Offered by: Rusty Lawson
  • Email:
  • Office: (806) 763-5331
  • Direct: (806) 778-2826