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Buxkemper Farm

Buxkemper Farm Farm at Slaton Texas - Farm Property
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Property Description

We are proud to offer for sale a long-time family owned farm located on the Slaton Channel. The Buxkemper Farm consists of approximately 238.57 acres, with a basically level terrain and productive clay loam soils.

The Buxkemper Farm is located approximately 1.5 miles southeast of Slaton, Texas. Access is by graded CR 7900 on the north, graded CR 3630 on the east and graded CR 1 on the south.

Legal Description:
The Northeast-quarter (NE/4) and the West-half (W/2) of the Southeast-quarter (SE/4) of Section 7, Block O, Abstract 275, Lubbock and Lynn Counties, Texas.

FSA Base Acres and Yields:
227.3 base acres of Cotton at a Direct Yield of 665 lbs. and a C.C. Yield of 718 lbs.

2013 Property Taxes:
Approximately $1,930.

Irrigation Equipment:
Approximately 77 acres of drip irrigation are located on the south side of the Buxkemper Farm. This system is on 80-inch centers and was placed on the property in 2001 by DSI, Inc. Approximately 120 acres of the north side of the property are irrigated by a one-half mile center pivot irrigation system located on the adjoining property. This pivot is not a part of this offering. Six irrigation wells are developed on this property, with two wells equipped with turbine pumps powered by natural gas and four equipped with electric submersible pumps. The turbine pumps consist of a 55 h.p. pump and 70 h.p. pump. The electric submersibles are equipped with a 10 h.p. pump and three 20 h.p. pumps. The irrigation motors are owned by the tenant farmer and are not a part of this offering.

This is an excellent partially irrigated farm, with a basically level terrain. According to maps produced by the High Plains Underground Water District, approximately the north one-third of the farm is on the “Slaton Channel”. The 2012 saturated thickness map indicates the northern portion of Buxkemper Farm has approximately 160 feet of saturated thickness. For any additional information, please contact Rusty Lawson

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Property Info
  • Area: Slaton, Texas
  • Status: Sold
  • Price:
  • Type: Farm
  • Lot Size: 238.67 acres


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