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Miller Ranch

Miller Ranch Ranch at Gail Texas - Ranch Property
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Property Description

Location: The ranch is well located southwest of Gail, TX.

Acres: 15,920.5 acres, more or less

Terrain: Much of the ranch has a rolling to hilly terrain, draining to the Colorado River and Gold Creek. There is some country located on top of the Caprock Escarpment. Native grasses are in excellent condition, and there is no sign of overgrazing. Cover is generally provided by mesquite and cedar, with areas of hackberry and willows along the river and the creek. There is very little salt cedar along the river and creek on the ranch.

Approximately 1,400 acres are currently in cultivation on the ranch. The majority of the cropland is planted to cotton, the remainder to haygrazer or wheat for livestock. (Cropland Information from Borden/Garza FSA: Farm #142, Cropland 1,777.1 acres, Cotton Base - 1,093.5 acres, Direct and Counter/Cyclical Cotton Yield: 470 lbs/ac.)

Water: The ranch is very well watered by windmills, electric submersible wells and numerous ponds. The Colorado River heads just off the property, and several springs are located through the river channel. Additionally, Gold Creek heads on the western portion of the ranch and eventually feeds into the river.

Improvements: The ranch is improved by a ranch manager's home, several sets of livestock pens and a great network of ranch and oil field roads.

Access: Access is provided by a substantial amount of paved highway frontage.

Hunting/Recreation: This is an excellent area for wildlife. Whitetail deer, pronghorn antelope, aoudad sheep, turkey, bobwhite and blue quail and feral hogs are common.

Price: $370.00 per deeded acre

Remarks: This is a very good ranch with substantial live water. There is oil production on much of the ranch, but the ranch has been priced to sell. The ranch could easily be subdivided due to several excellent access points, and the ranch should have great upside potential.

There is currently no wind energy produced on the ranch, however, the seller will reserve 50% of the wind energy rights and leasing rights over 12,720.5 acres, more or less, and the buyer will participate in 50% of any future wind energy income on this portion of the property. The seller will reserve 25% of the wind energy rights and leasing rights on the remainder of the ranch, approximately 3,200 acres. There has been a previous 50% wind reservation on this portion of the property, so effectively, the buyer will participate in 25% of any future wind energy income on this portion of the ranch.

Overall, the ranch is in good condition and the grass turf is excellent. The price has just been reduced by $1,990,063 to compensate for the wind energy reservation. This is the most realistically priced ranch on the market in this part of Texas and at $370 per acre should "pencil out". If you are looking for a good, inexpensive cattle ranch located in the Texas Rolling Plains, this ranch deserves your attention.

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Property Info
  • Area: Gail, Texas
  • Status: Sold
  • Price: $5,890,585
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 15,920.5 Acres


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