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Phelps Ranch

Phelps Ranch Ranch at Muleshoe Texas - Ranch Property
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Property Description

The ranch is located approximately ten miles southwest of Muleshoe.

12,788.47 Acres

The property is generally level with elevations of approximately 3,800 to 4,000 feet. Soils are generally sandy and there are some sand hills located through the southern portion of the ranch. Throughout the sandier portions of the ranch shinnery and sumac are fairly common with scattered sage. The eastern portion of the property has tighter soils with some catclaw and bear grass. There is very little mesquite on the ranch. Principal grasses consist of grama, bluestem, drop seed and three awn.

The irrigated farmland is located on the northwestern side of the property. This farm consists of two pivots that are reported to be nozzled at 350 gallons per minute each. Cotton, wheat, peanuts and alfalfa are typically grown in this area. This farmland has been leased out in the past, but there is not currently a winter crop.

The CRP portion of the property is generally very level land. The current contracts are as follows:
783.1 acres enrolled through 2021 at $32.83 per acre or $25,709 per year
402.6 acres enrolled through 2021 at $30.99 per acre or $12,477 per year
347.82 acres enrolled through 2022 at $37.00 per acre or $12,869 per year
466.8 acres enrolled through 2025 at $44.65 per acre or $20,843 per year (SAFE Program)

Copies of all of the current CRP and SAFE contracts are available.

The ranch is located in a quality underground water area, being the Ogallala Aquifer. Overall, the ranch is considered to be well watered. There is two electric water wells, six windmills and eight to ten drinking troughs that are fed by a waterline that runs through the ranch.

The irrigated farmland portion of the property is watered by three wells. These wells are powered by natural gas.

Access to the ranch is by paved highway frontage and several county maintained roads.

The ranch has never been hunted under the current ownership. Trophy mule deer, quail and dove are all common.

The ranch is improved by a small frame tenant house located on the northern portion of the property. This house has been rented to local cowboys and farm hands in the past, but is currently unoccupied. There is an older set of shipping pens located on the eastern side of the property and a set of old wooden working pens located on the west side of the ranch.

This ranch is located in an area where it is seldom properties of this size are ever offered for sale. This ranch is not currently stocked and there is not a winter crop on the irrigated farmland making this a ready to operate ranch property. Fences range from good to poor, but all of the watering are currently working.

The sellers believe they own 25% of the minerals on the property. 50% of the owned minerals are offered with the sale.

$335 per acre

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Property Info
  • Area: Muleshoe, Texas
  • Status: Sold
  • Price: $4,284,137
  • Type: Ranch
  • Lot Size: 12,788.47 Acres


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