22nd May, 2015

Who we are currently following on YouTube

Who we are currently following on YouTube

If you’ve ever spent much time watching a video or two on YouTube I probably don’t have to tell you that you start out watching something, whatever you were searching for, or a video someone forwarded you, but before long, you’re in a completely different section. For instance, yesterday I was watching a video on the Waggoner Ranch that was posted by the AQHA on April 12, 2013. Once that video was over I noticed another in the sidebar that looked interesting about the Spade Ranch winning the Pfizer Animal Health 2010 Best Remuda award. The next thing you know I am watching a scene unfold from an elk hunt in the Rocky Mountains of Northern New Mexico where a huge 350+ Bull ultimately is harvested by a hunter from Oklahoma. I’d say that was 30 or so minutes wasted, but I really enjoyed watching all of them.

Anyway, all of that said, I thought I’d take a moment to let you know who I am following on YouTube currently.

* Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

* New Mexico Cattle Growers Association

* The Cattleman Magazine

* Texas Parks and Wildlife

* New Mexico Game and Fish

There’s plenty to keep you busy for a while! Enjoy these rainy days and remember, it wasn’t that long ago we were all sick of hot and dry!

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