19th Jun, 2017

White Lake Ranch in Chaves County, NM For Sale 77,111± Acres

White Lake Ranch  77,111± Total Acres

Location: The White Lake Ranch is located northeast of Roswell, New Mexico.

Acres: 77,111± Total Acres (69,314± Deeded Acres)

4,477± NM State Lease Acres, 960± BLM Acres, 2,360± Uncontrolled/Free Use Acres

Terrain: The terrain is described as gently rolling hills and side slopes draining to several draws and low lying flat bottom lands. Elevations are approximately 3,900 feet in the flats, elevating to over 4,000 feet on the upland country. An elevated ridgeline, known as Railroad Mountain runs through the northern portion of the ranch in a west to east direction. This unusual geological feature has the appearance of an elevated railroad bed with substantial rock outcroppings throughout the side slopes of this elevated formation.

The White Lake Ranch supports a good mixture of native grasses, which are plentiful in the low-lying flats and more sparse throughout the elevated portions of the ranch. Low bush mesquite is common over much of the property and shin oak is found in the sandier areas of the property.

Water: Numerous large natural lakes and man-made earthen ponds are found throughout the ranch. Many of these ponds are considered generally dependable, as they receive substantial runoff from the higher elevations of the ranch. Additionally, there are several water wells developed on the property, along with pipelines and livestock drinkers. The two main water wells were recently tested for volume and both produced approximately 12-15 gallons per minute each.

Improvements: The ranch is fenced and cross fenced into approximately 10 pastures and much of the fencing is fairly new and in good overall condition. The ranch is also improved by several large sets of livestock pens, outbuildings and a small help house.

Hunting/Recreation: Under the current operation the ranch is running a cow/calf operation, but there are a lot of quail on the property, with antelope being common in the open plains country and mule deer in the sandier hilly country. Some additional supplemental income can be derived from hunting.

Remarks: No minerals are offered with the White Lake Ranch and old scattered oil production is located on portions of the property; however, this production has been phased out and there is little to no oil field activity on the property at this time. This area of New Mexico is located in a semi-arid climate with the average rainfall being approximately 12 inches. The growing season averages around 208 days.

Price: There is nothing fancy or scenic about the White Lake Ranch, but the property is extremely realistically priced at $200 per deeded acre, with the leases being assigned and transferred to the purchaser. As brokers, we are not aware of any other ranch available at this price in New Mexico. At this price, you will look long and hard to find a ranch that will compare to the White Lake Ranch.

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