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Tullidos Pasture Armstrong Ranch : 5,500 ± Acres Kenedy County South TX Ranch For Sale

Kenedy County South TX Ranch For SaleTullidos Pasture Armstrong Ranch

5,500 ± Acres Kenedy County South TX Ranch For Sale

We are proud and honored to have obtained an exclusive listing on a portion of one of the state’s most legendary ranches, the Armstrong Ranch. The Tullidos Pasture of the Armstrong Ranch is located in the heart of the South Texas “Big Ranch Country”, adjoining both the remainder of the Armstrong Ranch and the Norias Division of the King Ranch.

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Tullidos Pasture Armstrong Ranch Location Map

Tullidos Pasture Armstrong Ranch Location Map

Tullidos Pasture Armstrong Ranch Aerial Map

Tullidos Pasture Armstrong Ranch Aerial Map..

The property is located approximately 45 minutes from Valley International Airport in Harlingen. The nearest public airport, capable of handling larger private aircraft, is Kleberg County Airport (KIKG) at Kingsville, approximately 45 miles north of the ranch. This all-weather, instrument certified, airport has a 6,001-foot x 75-foot asphalt runway capable of handling large business jets. Access to the ranch is provided by paved frontage on the west side of U.S. Highway 77.

The entire west and north boundaries of the ranch adjoin the remaining 45,000 acre Armstrong Ranch. The south boundary adjoins the Norias Division of the 825,000 acre King Ranch. Other large ranching operations in the area include the Santa Fe, Yturria, Kenedy, Jones, and Bass Ranches. Most of these large area ranches have been owned and controlled by the same families for over 100 years. Given the size of the two large adjoining ranches and the other large nearby holdings, ranches in this area very rarely become available for purchase. To give some perspective regarding the size of ranch holdings in Kenedy County, this county is the third least populous county in Texas and the fourth least populous county in the United States.

The ranch has been under the ownership of the Armstrong Family since 1852. Initially, James H. Durst purchased the property after he and friend Richard King became enamored with this region. Wild horses and even wilder cattle ran free throughout the Wild Horse Desert at that time, and the pair knew if they could find reliable water and overcome the lawlessness of the region that this would be exceptional ranchland for cattle grazing, and in the early days his focus was almost entirely on grazing red Santa Gertrudis cattle.

Durst’s life was filled with accomplishment and adventures, but unfortunately, his life was not a long one. Fast forward to approximately 1872, when Durst’s daughter married John B. Armstrong, a native of Tennessee and a member of the Travis Rifles, an elite guard and Texas Rangers. Armstrong was known as the man who arrested John Wesley Hardin, likely one of the deadliest outlaws in his day. The arrest of Hardin garnished Armstrong with $4,000 in reward money. This windfall gave he and his wife Mollie the financial capability to buy some livestock and settle in ranching on what has come to be known as the Armstrong Ranch.

The topography of the Tullidos Pasture is characterized as coastal plains country with scattered natural lake depressions. The ranch is situated approximately 25 miles west of Laguna Madre and the north end of Padre Island. Elevations are in the range of 20 to 30 feet MSL. The soils are a mixture of fine sand, loamy fine sand and fine sandy loam. The ranch has a desirable mix of open prairie and large scattered motts of mesquite, live oak and huisache. Typical grasses include bluestem, Bermuda grass, coastal sacahuista, switchgrass, Indiangrass, hooded windmill grass, bahiagrass, etc. Forbs include western indigo, dotted gayfeather, croton (desirable quail feed), lantana, camphor daisy, etc. The sacahuista has been controlled through periodic prescribed burns. The natural scattered tree canopy forms an almost perfect blend of open and wooded country, offering great protection and viewing opportunities for wildlife. The natural mix of scattered wooded motts and open prairies give the ranch a pristine sculptured appearance.

The ranch is fenced into one pasture. The fences are of typical barbed wire construction and are in good condition.



The Tullidos Pasture is considered to be well watered. Water features include a solar well located on the north-central portion of the property that supplies a water trough and feeds a waterline to another trough located near the center of the ranch. Additionally, a windmill feeds a trough near the southwest corner of the property, near where the Tullidos Pasture joins the King Ranch and the remaining portion of the Armstrong holdings.

A waterline supplies water to the lodge and another water trough that is located near the southeastern corner of the property.

Several natural depressions are scattered throughout the Tullidos Pasture.



The Tullidos Pasture is improved with a rustic lodge attractively located in a large mott of giant live oaks. The lodge includes a large bedroom and bathroom with a separated kitchen/living area. A breezeway divides the lodge, and the front of the structure has a covered porch, perfect for evening entertainment.

This outstanding ranch is a sportsman’s paradise. It is located in an area of South Texas widely regarded as the best quail country in the United States. The ranch has been well managed over the years to maximize habitat and numbers.

Other game species include trophy quality whitetail deer and nilgai, as well as an abundance of dove and turkey. The many natural lake depressions provide exceptional habitat for waterfowl.



Without question, the Tullidos Pasture of the Armstrong Ranch represents one of the finest recreational ranches to be offered for sale in an area where there are limited opportunities to purchase ranch properties.

This outstanding and historic property is realistically offered for sale at $3,500 per acre.

The mineral estate was reserved many years ago, however, there is very little oil and gas production on the ranch.

The ranch is located in an area with a generally desirable climate and annual precipitation is in the range of 27-28”.

Everything is in place and ready to go on this ranch. If you are in the market for a premier hunting ranch, adjoining or in close proximity to some of the largest and most famous ranches in South Texas, this offering deserves your immediate attention. Opportunities to purchase a ranch of this quality and desirable location are few and far between.


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