23rd Nov, 2015

Texas Quail Hunting Land For Sale – Bobwhite and Blue Quail Hunting Ranches

A nice pair of pointers - on point!Texas Quail Hunting Land For Sale

Very unexpectedly it appears that the 2015-2016 quail hunting season may be one for the record books! Outstanding habitat recovery from several years of drought has really bumped quail numbers. Pastures that were void of beneficial turf a few years ago are now lush with native grasses and forbs, and stock tanks are full and running over throughout much of the state – and best of all – the return of the familiar bob-white whistle. Springs that haven’t run in several years now bubble with crystal clear water again. Ranchers that spent the past years cleaning out stock tanks have been rewarded by seeing them filled to the spillway!

Many avid quail hunters are back in the saddle of their pickup trucks toting trusty 20 gauge shotguns and dog kennels with anxious pointers. The effects of the drought were felt far and wide, with much of Texas’ famed Quail Alley having been void of quail hunting for the past several years. Those hunters and their dogs are back in action now. Many thought they’d never see the return of the quail, at least in huntable numbers. Viva El NiƱo! Viva the bobwhite!

W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch


W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch

The W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch is one of the largest contiguous ranching units in the United States. It has been owned by the same family since 1849 and is a diverse ranching operation running thousands of cattle, almost 30,000 acres of farmland, substantial oil operation, nationally known horse program and recreation opportunities from wildlife and large lakes.

510,527 Acres $725,000,000

Caloosa Ranch Caloosa Ranch

One of the Texas Rolling Plains’ best, the Caloosa Ranch is an exceptional “turn key” recreational & livestock ranch with livewater, good improvements and high fenced game park. Located in northwest Stonewall County on the Salt Fork of the Brazos River. Seller will consider selling off the south-half of the ranch as a separate, smaller, tract.

Location: Stonewall County

19,174.1 Acres $22,000,000

East Division of Boone Pickens' Mesa Vista Ranch East Division of Boone Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch

The Mesa Vista Ranch is often times referred to as Home of the world’s best quail hunting. The Texas Panhandle climate combined with the outstanding quail habitat first attracted Boone to this area of Texas. Now, as part of his estate planning, Mr. Pickens has made the decision to sell the productive East Division of the Mesa Vista Ranch.

Location: Roberts County

16,013 Acres $20,016,250

Riddel Ranch Riddel Ranch

The Riddel Ranch represents all of the best Stonewall County has to offer. Scenic breaks coupled with very productive flats and miles of live creeks and good bottom country. Scattered cultivated fields, improved habitat and grubbing work as well as good surface water create exceptional bobwhite and blue quail habitat.

Location: Stonewall County

10,295 Acres $8,493,375

Kinsey Ranch Kinsey Ranch

The Kinsey Creek Ranch is a highly improved working cattle ranch with outstanding improvements. The property offers good cattle grazing coupled with exceptional hunting and recreation. The ranch has been selectively grubbed and is considered to be outstanding bobwhite and blue quail habitat.

Location: Garza County

3,540 Acres $6,500,000

Cottle County Pease River Ranch Cottle County Pease River Ranch

Exceptional long-term ownership ranch property on the flowing Pease River. The property adjoins the Matador WMA and offers hundreds of acres of cultivated farmland, rolling hills and outstanding wildlife. The cultivation, excellent cover, and water features make this ranch an outstanding quail hunting property.

Location: Cottle County

3,095 Acres $4,178,250

Lake Ranch Lake Ranch

Adjoining Lake Alan Henry, the Lake Ranch is a scenic hunting/fishing property located within 1 hour of Lubbock, Texas. Good cover, access to good surface water and foodplots.

Location: Garza County

996.56 Acres $1,494,840

McCabe Ranch McCabe Ranch

The McCabe Ranch is located in the southern Rolling Plains and offers exceptional quail hunting as well as good deer hunting and cattle grazing opportunities. Good cover for quail habitat.

Location: Mitchell County

746.46 Acres $727,798.50

Bobwhite Quail

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Yes, really great! don’t need Doge to go far from home for a bit to hunt for dinner!

Yes, really great! you don’t even need to go far from home for a bit to hunt for dinner!

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