24th Nov, 2015

Texas Hunting Land For Sale : Texas Deer and Quail Hunting

Texas Hunting Land For Sale Whitetail DeerTexas Hunting Land For Sale

We are hunters and love the outdoors just as much as you do. Mention a shopping spree to one of our salesmen and we immediately think of Cabela’s or BassPro. Our days off are often spent tending to foodplots or feeders, or wishing that’s what we were doing!

We have been in the business of selling large and small ranch properties Since 1920. Our team consists of four ranch salesmen, Sam and Charlie Middleton, Rusty Lawson and Chad Dugger. Whether you are searching for a trophy ranch loaded with whitetails, quail or migratory birds, we have you covered.

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Below is a current inventory of trophy hunting ranches offered for sale. Contact us for more information on any of these properties.

Waggoner Ranch Hunting W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch
510,527 Acres   Price: $725,000,000

The W. T. Waggoner Estate Ranch spans six counties of North Texas and is located south of Vernon, the county seat of Wilbarger County, Texas. This historic property has been under the same family ownership since 1849, and is now officially, for the first time ever, offered for sale. The terrain of the ranch varies from fairly level to rolling and sometimes broken. Several major creeks run through the ranch. Approximately 30,000 acres are currently in cultivation, and many thousands of additional acres are suitable to be farmed, if desired. Throughout the 165 year ownership, no commercial hunting has ever been allowed. The ranch supports good populations of deer, turkey, quail, dove, water fowl and feral hogs. The large wheat fields and food plots are a magnet for the wildlife.

Features : Exceptional improvements, including two main sets of ranch headquarters, large lakes on the property, live water in the river and creeks, cultivated fields, outstanding hunting


Caloosa Ranch Stonewall County Texas HuntingCaloosa Ranch
19,764.10 Acres   Price: $22,000,000

The Caloosa Ranch is located in the northwest quadrant of Stonewall County, approximately 13 miles northwest of Aspermont, Texas. The Caloosa Ranch has a very diverse topography ranging from rolling uplands to rugged breaks. The ranch is drained by the Salt Fork of the Brazos River, which meanders through the southern part of the ranch, Salt Croton Creek, which runs through the northeast part of the ranch, and Salt Creek, which traverses the western part of the ranch. Numerous other draws and seasonal creeks extend through the ranch, shaping the scenic terrain. The ranch includes approx. 1,734 acres of fallow cropland/improved pasture and approx. 315 acres of wheat pasture, all in several scattered fields. The recreational features of the ranch are second to none. The deer population has been well managed over the years. The ranch is fenced and cross fenced into 13 main pastures. An 1,100 acre high fenced game park is situated in the central part of the ranch. The 1,100-acre game park includes approximately 160 does and 101 bucks. Three to four year old bucks have scored in the 160 to 190 inch range. There are a total of 23 protein/corn feeders scattered over the ranch. The deer inside and outside of the game park are supplemented with protein and/or corn year around. In addition, there are approximately 500 quail feeders scattered over the ranch.

Features :Hunting lodge, game proof fenced game park, live water in the river and creeks


Rio Grande TurkeyEast Division of Boone Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch
16,013 Acres   Price: $20,016,250

The Mesa Vista Ranch is located along the Canadian River, north of Pampa, Texas. The Texas Panhandle climate combined with the outstanding quail habitat first attracted Boone to this area of Texas. The East Division of the Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch fronts the Canadian River, or has river bottom country along the river for a distance of approximately 10 miles. Indian Creek flows through a portion of the ranch for several miles, then drains into the Canadian on the property. This creek is supplemented by live springs and several large, deep natural fishing holes. Cottonwoods are common along the creek and its tributaries. Several years ago, Mr. Pickens dredged a man-made creek which basically parallels the Canadian River. This creek flows a distance of 2.5 – 3 miles through the East Division of the property and is located in the Canadian River bottom. The creek first flows into two shallow duck/goose ponds, one containing approximately 15 surface acres and the other approximately 20 surface acres. These ponds have perfect tall grass vegetation for water fowl habitat. The creek then continues on, ultimately flowing into a large man-made fishing lake, which contains approximately 20 surface acres. Both the creek and the lake have been stocked with bass.

Throughout Mr. Pickens’ ownership, he has continued to enhance the productivity of the Mesa Vista Ranch, with the primary focus being quail habitat improvement; however, these improvements have been beneficial for all wildlife. Quail feeders are found all over the ranch and waterlines have been run through portions of the property to numerous, protected, quail watering holes. Even during droughts, native quail have access to grain in the feeders and water along the waterline network. As needed, grain is scattered along roadways to supplement the quail. A few food plots are located on the ranch. These cultivated areas are typically planted to wheat and serve as a magnet for deer.

Besides offering outstanding quail hunting, the ranch offers great dove hunting and has an outstanding white tail deer population, impressive mule deer, an abundance of turkey, a few antelope, feral hogs, aoudad and exceptional migratory water fowl. The sportsman will enjoy the bass fishing available in the stocked lake and in Boone’s Creek.

As testament to Boone’s love for the land and passion to benefit quail habitat and numbers, Boone was awarded the prestigious Park Cities Quail Unlimited “Lifetime Sportsman Award.” Their press release stated, “Park Cities Quail Unlimited honored legendary oil entrepreneur, conservationist, and avid sportsman T. Boone Pickens on March 6th as its 2008 Lifetime Sportsman Award winner before 900 guests in the Frontiers of Flight Museum near Dallas Love Field Airport.” The release went on to state, “The local chapter, founded in 2005 to develop, preserve, restore and maintain upland game habitat throughout this region and to improve hunting opportunities for area sportsmen, lauds Mr. Pickens’ lifelong love of the outdoors, respect for natural resources, and his extraordinary contributions to restoring quail habitat in Roberts County.”

Features :Outstanding deer and quail hunting, nice improvements, live water in the river and creeks, very well improved habitat for upland and migratory birds


Whitetail-2Riddel Ranch
10,295 Acres   Price: $8,493,375

The Riddel Ranch is very well located east of Aspermont in Stonewall County, Texas. The ranch is in three nearby tracts, all having good access. The ranch has a very diverse topography ranging from very scenic breaks with cedar cover to productive mesquite flats. The ranch has not been grazed throughout the current year and the native grasses and forbs overall are in excellent condition. There are several cultivated fields scattered throughout the ranch totaling over 420 acres. Many of the larger fields are divided into several pastures offering exceptional food sources for wildlife. Stonewall County is well renowned for quality wildlife and the Riddel Ranch is no exception. Whitetail deer numbers are terrific and the river and creek bottoms are excellent habitat for deer and quail.

Features :Very good wildlife habitat, cultivated fields and foodplots, springs and flowing creek, very good deer and quail hunting


Texas Whitetail Deer HuntingKinsey Ranch
3,540 Acres   Price: $6,500,000

The Kinsey Ranch is located northeast of Post, Texas in Garza County. The property has been historically operated as a working cattle ranch with a focus on habitat improvement and wildlife management. Recently, grubbing has been completed on approximately two sections of the ranch. This tremendous undertaking has just been completed, and this land is growing a good turf of native grasses and is considered to be excellent for grazing cattle. Many forbs and desirable weeds are present in this area as well, and wildlife flourish in this portion of the ranch. Other areas of the ranch include a portion that was grubbed in senderos, leaving areas of native brush while creating long lanes typically planted to wheat for wildlife. This area has a generally sandy soil and has a mixture of shinnery and mesquite. Portions of the property have been more selectively grubbed leaving the taller mesquite as well as pockets of brush for wildlife. Overall, the ranch is considered to have a very good canopy of brush for wildlife, while still having excellent grazing for cattle.

As previously stated, the Kinsey Ranch has historically been operated with a focus on ranching and cattle grazing, however, the ranch supports excellent numbers of whitetail deer, quail and turkey. The ranch is currently enrolled in the MLDP (Managed Lands Deer Permits) through the Texas Parks and Wildlife. This program allows the harvest of deer through an extended hunting season, with a focus on growing trophy deer. Currently the ranch is receiving 28 doe and 15 extra buck tags through the MLDP. Feeder locations are strategically placed through the ranch, and for years protein and corn have been a key to maintaining and growing trophy deer on the ranch.

The ranch is well setup for hunting, with numerous quality hunting blinds, as well as three large air conditioned/heated blinds. Several cultivated foodplots are planted for wildlife each year.

Several of the large ponds are stocked and offer good fishing.

Features :Outstanding improvements with large barn, hunting lodge, cultivated foodplots and senderos, TPWD MLDP Permit, exceptional habitat for quail and deer


Texas whitetail deer on a foodplotPease River Ranch
3,095 Acres   Price: $4,178,250

The ranch is located northwest of Paducah, in the northwest corner of Cottle County. The property adjoins the 28,000+ acre Matador Wildlife Management Unit. The property has historically been operated as a cow/calf cattle ranching operation, with the benefit of several hundred acres of cultivated farmland. The topography of the property is rolling with scenic bluffs, canyons and ridges, exceptional wooded bottom lands and productive upland country. Approximately one mile of the Middle Fork of the Pease River flows through the ranch, with another one mile of the river being a boundary of the property.

Whitetail deer in this area are widely known to be in abundance and true trophies are a regular occurrence in this area. Mule deer are also common on the ranch as well, inhabiting the higher elevations. Cottle County has a three day bow season as well as a two week rifle season for mule deer. A combination of an exceptional native habitat and excellent farmland provides for abundant coveys of quail and dove. Turkey frequent the river bottoms and fields.

The Matador Wildlife Management Area allows public access for recreation throughout portions of the year, and the public has access to the Matador WMA for hunting dove, quail, feral hogs (archery only), and teal with purchase of an Annual Hunting Permit. There is no public hunting for whitetail or mule deer; however, there is an annual drawing for these hunts. With the Matador WMA being right next door, this creates a very unique opportunity for quail hunters, giving access to an additional 28,000+ acres for the price of a yearly permit. Additionally, horseback riding, hiking, camping, etc. are allowed on the Matador WMA throughout much of the year. More information is available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

Features :Adjoins 28,000+ acre Matador Wildlife Management Unit (deer hunting by draw only), live water in the river, irrigation quantity water well, cultivated fields, outstanding deer hunting


Lakefront hunting ranchLake Ranch
996.56 Acres   Price: $1,494,840

The Lake Ranch is located in the southeast quadrant of Garza County, adjoining the far west side of Lake Alan Henry. The terrain of the ranch ranges from gently rolling to rugged broken type country. The more rugged portions are located along two creeks which meander through the property. Sand Creek runs across the west-half of the ranch and Red Branch Creek meanders through the east-half of the property. Both creeks are tributaries of the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River. Lake Alan Henry, which is primarily fed by the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River, extends onto the extreme northeast side of the Lake Ranch. The owner has recently grubbed and cleared approximately 200 acres and has placed approximately 110 acres of this into cultivation, which is typically planted in wheat. The property is extremely well watered, being watered by Lake Alan Henry, six (6) earthen fishing ponds, Red Branch Creek, Sand Creek and a small domestic well located at the house. In regard to Lake Alan Henry, this lake is one of the premier Largemouth Bass fishing lakes in West Texas, covering approximately 2,880 surface acres. Wildlife includes good populations of mule deer and whitetail, as well as abundant turkey and quail.

Features : Fronts Lake Alan Henry (outstanding trophy bass fishing), mule deer and whitetail, cultivated fields for game


Texas bobwhite quailMcCabe Ranch
746.46 Acres   Price: $727,798.50

The McCabe Ranch is located southeast of Colorado City in southeastern Mitchell County. The property is generally level and sloping towards Walnut Creek, which traverses the central portion of the property. Primary cover is provided by mesquite with scattered hackberry trees. Some cedar is located along a ridge that is located along the southeastern portion of the ranch. The property is located in an area with good numbers of whitetail deer and feral hogs are common. Some turkey have been seen on and around the property. Generally this is an exceptional area for bobwhite quail. Migratory birds, such as dove and ducks are very common.

Features : Very good bobwhite quail hunting and deer hunting


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