24th Aug, 2015

Sutter Ranch For Sale in Ellis County near Woodward, Oklahoma with Live Creeks, Excellent Grass Pastures for Grazing Cattle and Livestock , Irrigated and Dryland Farmland and Exceptional Hunting and Recreation

The Sutter Ranch is The ranch is located in the northwestern portion of the state between Shattuck and Woodward, Oklahoma in Ellis County. The ranch features exceptional live water features, a good grass turf for grazing of livestock and cattle, irrigated and dryland farmland and very good recreation features. The Woodward Airport is approximately 15 minutes from the property.

The Sutter Ranch was assembled in multiple adjoining tracts during the 1920’s and has been owned by heirs of the Sutter Family for nearly 100 years and this is the first time the ranch has been offered for sale. The centerpiece of the property is the scenic and very productive Wolf Creek bottom area, which meanders through the southern portion of the ranch for a distance of approximately 7 miles. Wolf Creek provides year round crystal clear live water, with tree covered surroundings creating a “park like” setting throughout the 7 plus miles of the creek bottom. Immediately north of the tree covered creek bottom area, the terrain gently elevates and is fairly level to gently sloping and sometimes undulating. Throughout this area, the ranch has a fairly open appearance with a turf of mixed native grasses, along with substantial plum thickets, sumac and scattered sage.

Three pivot sprinkler systems are located on the ranch, with a total of approximately 460 wet acres of irrigated ground. Typically, these irrigated circles are farmed in wheat or hybrid sudan for seasonal grazing or for hay production. To the east of these pivots is a large sub-irrigated native hay meadow, which generally produces several hundred large round bales of native grass hay. The native hay is a combination of Eastern Gama, Switch, several varieties of Bluestem and mixed meadow grasses. To the south of Wolf Creek are several dryland fields containing a total of about 50 acres.

As the country continues to transition north, the terrain becomes more sloping, hilly and broken with several major drainages, all descending to Wolf Creek. Grass vegetation includes side oats, gramma, brome and several varieties of bluestem.

The property is considered to be extremely well watered with live water in Wolf Creek and Twenty Five Mile Creek, windmills, electric submersible wells, one solar well and a small amount of pipeline watering. The water quality is generally excellent, being in the Ogallala Aquifer. The irrigation wells reportedly have capacities of around 800 – 900 gallons per minute each.

Recreation, hunting and fishing are major components of the Sutter Ranch. Whitetail Deer and Turkey literally flourish in the wooded creek bottom areas. Quail and dove are in abundance throughout the property, as well as pheasant. Mule Deer are occasionally viewed in the more open hilly and broken areas found on the north side of the ranch. Fishing is generally good in
Wolf Creek. The irrigated cultivated land is adjacent to the wooded creek bottom country. When this land is planted to wheat and/or hybrid sudan, it becomes a magnet for the huge deer population found throughout the protected creek bottom, and it is not uncommon to view hundreds of deer in the early morning or late evening grazing this lush forage. The State of Oklahoma is on every serious whitetail hunters watchlist every year for trophy deer, and the genetics found on the Sutter Ranch should satisfy even the most seasoned whitetail hunter. Game management has been a tradition on this ranch and it shows in the quality deer that flourish on the property.

The property is located in a desirable ranching area, receiving annual precipitation in the range of 23–24 inches per year.

The Sutter Ranch is listed at $16,375,000, or approximately $1,295 per acre. The Sutter Ranch is very representative of one of the finest ranches in this area of Oklahoma. This is the first time this
long term ownership ranch has ever been offered for sale. The ranch is very well kept and is ready to operate and enjoy.

For More Information on the Sutter Ranch – Please Contact Sam Middleton
806-763-5331 office
817-304-0504 cell

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For More Information on the Sutter Ranch – Please Contact Sam Middleton
806-763-5331 office
817-304-0504 cell

Download Brochure

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