6th Mar, 2015

State Land Office Announces 2015 Grazing Fees – New Mexico State Lease Land


State Land Office Announces 2015 Grazing Fees


Santa Fe, NM (March 3, 2015) Today, Commissioner of Public Lands Aubrey Dunn announced the 2015 grazing fees on state trust lands would be set at $4.80 per animal unit month (AUM), to take effect Oct. 1, 2015. The 2014 fee was $3.99.

Grazing fees on state trust lands are set by the Commissioner, using a formula determined by New Mexico State University, after considering market conditions. This year, NMSU determined the fee per AUM would be increased by 20.25 percent. Federal grazing fees also increased this year by 25.18 percent per AUM on public lands.

The increase will raise the total income to state land trust beneficiaries to $8.08 million. Total lands included in the agricultural leasing program are 8,746,502 million acres.

“We are seeing record-high cattle prices and that, with the forage availability of our state lands, has resulted in an increase in grazing fees,” said Commissioner Aubrey Dunn. “The increase in income will go directly to fund our public schools and higher education in New Mexico.”

The New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands is an elected state official responsible for administering the state’s land grant trust. Thirteen million acres of land were granted to New Mexico in 1898 and 1910. Each tract is held in trust for the public schools, universities, as well as special schools and hospitals that serve children with physical, visual, and auditory disabilities.




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