8th Mar, 2016

Sandoval County, NM Deeded Ranch For Sale : Exceptional Cattle Grazing , Elk and Deer Hunting and Scenery

The Crawford L Bar Ranch is located approximately 40 air miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This ranch truly epitomizes the description of New Mexico being the “Land of Enchantment.” The topography and views from all parts of this ranch are stunning which makes it one of the most scenic in the state. Driving time to the ranch is approximately 1.25 hours from the Albuquerque International Airport. Access to the property is provided by very well maintained roads. The Crawford L Bar is 100% deeded and is located at the end of the road. With “no” public roads traversing it’s boundaries, the Crawford L Bar ownership ensures all the privacy and solitude one could ask for. A large state owned wildlife area adjoins on the west; the Cibola National Forest on the north; the famous Floyd Lee Ranch adjoins on the northwest; the Zia and Laguna Reservations adjoin on the northeast and east with a large private ownership adjoining on the south. This is “Big Ranch Country”, with properties in the area being of substantial size. The Crawford L Bar is a functional working cattle ranch with the added feature of “Big Game” hunting opportunities.

The terrain of the Crawford L Bar Ranch varies dramatically from high mesas with steep fractured rock ledges and ridges to lower wide valley bottoms. These rugged features offer unbelievable views throughout the ranch and include numerous massive steep protruding volcanic up thrust cones or “plugs”, which tower over the surrounding country side. These volcanic cones have unusual and very striking features which were actually formed when molten lava exploded from deep within the earth.

Elevations on the Crawford L Bar Ranch vary over an amazing 2,000 vertical feet. Reaching 8,300 feet on the upper mesa country and descending to approximately 6,100 feet in the southeast corner of the ranch. This ranch is located in a semi-arid region of New Mexico. Annual precipitation is in the range of 12 inches and the property generally receives a couple of feet of snow during the winter, with precipitation and snow fall increasing at the higher elevations. The combination of the high mesa country, steep rocky side slopes, scenic volcanic cones and the wide lower valleys truly give the ranch a “western movie set” look.

The ranch is fenced and cross fenced into numerous operational pastures and traps. Rugged rocky rim rock ledges also serve as natural pasture boundaries. The ranch supports a good variety of native grasses along with desirable browse for wildlife. Vegetation ranges from four-wing saltbush, more commonly known as chamiza and scattered juniper in the lower elevations, to oak, mountain mahogany, piñon and an abundance of large Ponderosa Pine in the higher elevations. A very unique feature of the upper country is the scattered oak mots that dot the landscape. The oak mots provide excellent habitat for cow elk calving.

The ranch is adequately watered by wells, pipeline drinkers, numerous earthen tanks, springs and seasonal creeks. In addition, 57 acres located near the headquarters are irrigated by two pivot sprinkler systems. The ranch has 200 acre feet of permitted water rights. The irrigation well is approximately 800 feet deep. The owner of this ranch also has the right to develop the deep water (below 2,500 feet). This approved right allows the owner the right to drill up to 20 water wells (already surveyed and approved), equating to 20,000 acre feet of deep water in the Upper Triassic Agua Zarca Formation at a depth of approximately 2,968 feet. Detailed information regarding this deep water is available. This amenity may provide substantial future value if properly developed and marketed commercially for municipal purposes.

The Crawford L Bar Ranch is considered to be well improved. The main ranch headquarters are located near the south end of the ranch in a scenic valley setting. These improvements include a 100% remodeled 3-bedroom, 1¾-bath adobe/stucco owner’s home, the main shipping pens and an attached livestock shed. These improvements are adjacent to the 57 acres of irrigated land. Just to the north of the headquarter improvements is a large metal hay/equipment barn, a metal shop building with attached apartment and a wood working shop building.

Continuing north through the property on the main ranch road, a stunning 2-story hunting lodge is located on the point of a spectacular fractured sandstone rock bluff. This impressive structure, which contains approximately 3,700 square feet, has a metal roof and is constructed of logs with native rock accents. The lodge has an attractive great room with Saltillo tile floors, rock fireplace and high cathedral ceiling. This sturdy structure has 4 bathrooms and can accommodate approximately 15 guests. An attractive native rock fence surrounds the lodge and in places the fencing is literally constructed on the edge of this high rock bluff. A bunkhouse used by hunting guides is located within this compound. It can house up to 6 people and is equipped with a ¾ bath. Being located on the sheer edge of this massive rock mesa/bluff overlooking the surrounding valley, the lodge has unbelievable 360 degree panoramic views of nearly the entire property. One can sit on the lodge porch and glass wildlife, such as Elk and Barbary Sheep.

The wildlife features on the Crawford L Bar Ranch are very impressive. Game species include Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Barbary Sheep, Turkey and water fowl. The Crawford L Bar Ranch is located in New Mexico Big Game Unit 9. In past years the ranch received approximately 30 bull elk rifle landowner authorizations, 8 bull elk muzzleloader landowner authorizations, 22 either sex elk archery authorizations and 56 cow elk authorizations. Hunting opportunities on the Crawford L Bar are excellent.

The owner of the Crawford L Bar Ranch has 50% of the mineral rights and 100% of the executive leasing rights. The property is located in the San Juan Basin, which is recognized as an area potentially rich with natural gas deposits. Uranium mines are also located in the immediate area of the property. A large operating wind farm is located a few miles from the ranch. All mineral rights, water rights and all wind generation royalty rights will convey with the property. The ranch has an extensive road network, adequate fencing, well maintained improvements and good livestock watering facilities. These substantial improvements offer a desirable depreciation schedule to a purchaser.

Past years property taxes have been extremely reasonable, being approximately $10,400 per year or 29¢ per acre.

The Crawford L Bar Ranch is very realistically priced at $20,053,000 or approximately $550 per acre.

It is seldom that a ranch such as the Crawford L Bar is offered for sale. This property is priced right and is ready to own, operate and enjoy.

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