28th May, 2014

Recent Beneficial Rain over Memorial Day Weekend Brings Relief To Area Farmers and Ranchers


Memorial Day Weekend throughout much of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and other Central US States was met with much needed beneficial rainfall. The recent rains have come just in time for area farmers and ranchers.

Much of the region reports over 3″ of rains over the weekend with some areas receiving much more.

Farmers throughout the region have been gearing up to plant cotton under less than desirable conditions and ranchers received this at a crucial point in the growing season.

Many areas were under flash flood warnings and rivers that recently were dry are now running over the banks. Municipal lakes that were near dry have benefited from the heavy rains saving many rural communities that were on the brink of running out of water.

A rancher who lives on Pecan Creek, south of San Angelo, measured 7 inches of rainfall by Sunday morning and watched Pecan Creek climb to a 7-foot rise before going to church. “We will have water gaps to fix, and that will be a rare treat we will look forward to with the exchange for a good rain” he said.

Farmers in the Texas Panhandle agree this time of year they’ll take any amount of rain there is. Since Thursday land surrounding one farmers home has received nearly¬†6 inches of rain. Rain, crops have needed for nearly four years. “It’s been nice and slow, and none of it has run off”.

Lubbock area farmer Eric Lincecum says the rains late last week and over the weekend (totaling about 5″) are a game changer for their farm operation.

TX Windmill Rain Memorial Weekend

TX NM Rain Rainbow Memorial Weekend

NM Ranch Rain Memorial Weekend

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