10,295 +/- Acres
Exceptional Ranch For Sale
Long-time ownership/First time on the market!

The Riddel Ranch is in Stonewall County, TX and is comprised of approximately 10,295 acres. The ranch is located near Aspermont and has several miles of highway frontage, as well as access by several county roads. The ranch is an excellent combination of native pasture and cultivated fields, with live water in two creeks and numerous large ponds and dirt tanks. The ranch is considered to have excellent cover for wildlife. The southern portion of the property is generally level and slightly sloping with a moderate to dense canopy of mesquite. As you transition north, cedar becomes more prevalent and the terrain becomes more broken. Rock Creek heads on the ranch and flows in a northeasterly direction through approximately two miles of the ranch. Another live creek flows through the northern portion of the property for approximately two miles.

The ranch is in fantastic condition with a tremendous grass turf. Many of the large earthen tanks have been cleaned out in recent years and hold water well.

The Riddel Ranch is a fantastic offering and would be very suitable for subdivision. The highway frontage and county road access makes for a very desirable property for an investor.

Priced at $825/acre we feel this is an exceptional ranch for the money.

Riddel Ranch Topo Map

The Sutter Ranch is The ranch is located in the northwestern portion of the state between Shattuck and Woodward, Oklahoma in Ellis County. The ranch features exceptional live water features, a good grass turf for grazing of livestock and cattle, irrigated and dryland farmland and very good recreation features. The Woodward Airport is approximately 15 minutes from the property.

The Sutter Ranch was assembled in multiple adjoining tracts during the 1920’s and has been owned by heirs of the Sutter Family for nearly 100 years and this is the first time the ranch has been offered for sale. The centerpiece of the property is the scenic and very productive Wolf Creek bottom area, which meanders through the southern portion of the ranch for a distance of approximately 7 miles. Wolf Creek provides year round crystal clear live water, with tree covered surroundings creating a “park like” setting throughout the 7 plus miles of the creek bottom. Immediately north of the tree covered creek bottom area, the terrain gently elevates and is fairly level to gently sloping and sometimes undulating. Throughout this area, the ranch has a fairly open appearance with a turf of mixed native grasses, along with substantial plum thickets, sumac and scattered sage.

Three pivot sprinkler systems are located on the ranch, with a total of approximately 460 wet acres of irrigated ground. Typically, these irrigated circles are farmed in wheat or hybrid sudan for seasonal grazing or for hay production. To the east of these pivots is a large sub-irrigated native hay meadow, which generally produces several hundred large round bales of native grass hay. The native hay is a combination of Eastern Gama, Switch, several varieties of Bluestem and mixed meadow grasses. To the south of Wolf Creek are several dryland fields containing a total of about 50 acres.

As the country continues to transition north, the terrain becomes more sloping, hilly and broken with several major drainages, all descending to Wolf Creek. Grass vegetation includes side oats, gramma, brome and several varieties of bluestem.

The property is considered to be extremely well watered with live water in Wolf Creek and Twenty Five Mile Creek, windmills, electric submersible wells, one solar well and a small amount of pipeline watering. The water quality is generally excellent, being in the Ogallala Aquifer. The irrigation wells reportedly have capacities of around 800 – 900 gallons per minute each.

Recreation, hunting and fishing are major components of the Sutter Ranch. Whitetail Deer and Turkey literally flourish in the wooded creek bottom areas. Quail and dove are in abundance throughout the property, as well as pheasant. Mule Deer are occasionally viewed in the more open hilly and broken areas found on the north side of the ranch. Fishing is generally good in
Wolf Creek. The irrigated cultivated land is adjacent to the wooded creek bottom country. When this land is planted to wheat and/or hybrid sudan, it becomes a magnet for the huge deer population found throughout the protected creek bottom, and it is not uncommon to view hundreds of deer in the early morning or late evening grazing this lush forage. The State of Oklahoma is on every serious whitetail hunters watchlist every year for trophy deer, and the genetics found on the Sutter Ranch should satisfy even the most seasoned whitetail hunter. Game management has been a tradition on this ranch and it shows in the quality deer that flourish on the property.

The property is located in a desirable ranching area, receiving annual precipitation in the range of 23–24 inches per year.

The Sutter Ranch is listed at $16,375,000, or approximately $1,295 per acre. The Sutter Ranch is very representative of one of the finest ranches in this area of Oklahoma. This is the first time this
long term ownership ranch has ever been offered for sale. The ranch is very well kept and is ready to operate and enjoy.

For More Information on the Sutter Ranch – Please Contact Sam Middleton
806-763-5331 office
817-304-0504 cell

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For More Information on the Sutter Ranch – Please Contact Sam Middleton
806-763-5331 office
817-304-0504 cell

Download Brochure

Oklahoma ranch farm land irrigated river live water cattle ranching property land sale in Oklahoma deer hunt whitetail deer hunting white tail deer hunting ranch in Oklahoma trophy ranch river ranch sale deer cattle ranch sale farming pasture land sale in Oklahoma


We currently have a good inventory of ranches and land for sale located in the Land of Enchantment

Quinlan Ranch-1Northern New Mexico Ranch
16,716.52 Acres

This exceptional offering is located in the heart of Northern New Mexico. The property is just miles from Chama, and offers some of the greatest big game hunting the state has to offer. The ranch, known as the Quinlan, lies in what is arguably one of the most impressive migration routes for elk in the nation. With a nice, comfortable lodge, Class A Game Park, elk handling facilities and fantastic views, there may not be a better offering in the state.

High Timber Ranch-1High Timber Ranch
3,400 Acres

The High Timber – owned by one family since 1957 is located in north central New Mexico. This ranch features quaking Aspen, Blue Spruce, Douglas fir, trout filled streams, including native cutthroat, abundant wildlife, and paved frontage. A beautiful log cabin sits in an awesome private location. This is an extremely beautiful mountain ranch located in Game Unit 4.

SO Ranch-4S.O. Mountain Ranch
44,804.04 Acres

The S.O. Mountain Ranch is located in the heart of New Mexico’s Unit 17, world famous for record book elk production. The historic headquarters has been well maintained and a new owner’s home, lodge, manager’s home, good pens as well as exceptional distribution of livestock/wildlife water completes the package. Price Reduced!

Berrendo Ranch1Berrendo Ranch
7,520 Acres

The Berrendo Ranch offers the best of all worlds in terms of an all deeded ranch property. A well maintained water system and grass galore provide all that is needed to support both wildlife and livestock. Trophy bull elk, mule deer and big buck antelope inhabit the boundaries of this affordable multi-use gem of a ranch. This ranch is located in New Mexico Game Unit 18 and is enrolled in the E-Plus for elk.


We currently have a good inventory of ranches and land for sale located in the Lone Star State

_88A2348W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch
510,527 Acres

The W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch is one of the largest contiguous ranching units in the United States. It has been owned by the same family since 1849 and is a diverse ranching operation running thousands of cattle, almost 30,000 acres of farmland, substantial oil operation, nationally known horse program and recreation opportunities from wildlife and large lakes. The Waggoner Ranch is a true Texas legend. The size, history, lakes, rivers, cattle, horses, oil production, the massive farm operation. This one of a kind operation represents all of the best Texas has to offer. A true giant in a land of giants. Few ranches compare anywhere in the world, and there may never be another offering like this again.

Caloosa RanchCaloosa Ranch
19,174.10 Acres

One of the Texas Rolling Plains’ best, the Caloosa Ranch is an exceptional “turn key” recreational & livestock ranch with live water, good improvements and high fenced game park. Located in northwest Stonewall County on the Salt Fork of the Brazos River.

IMG_1561East Division of Boone Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch
16,013 Acres

The Mesa Vista Ranch is often times referred to as Home of the world’s best quail hunting. The Texas Panhandle climate combined with the outstanding quail habitat first attracted Boone to this area of Texas. Now, as part of his estate planning, Mr. Pickens has made the decision to sell the productive East Division of the Mesa Vista Ranch.

IMG_2415Frisco Creek Ranch
9,422.8 Acres

The Frisco Creek Ranch is a highly productive working cattle ranch comprised of a combination of native pasture, improved pasture and irrigated farmland. The ranch has exceptional improvements and the added benefit of additional land suitable for development into irrigated farmland.

9Riddel Ranch
10,295 Acres

The Riddel Ranch represents all of the best Stonewall County has to offer. Scenic breaks coupled with very productive flats and miles of live creeks and good bottom country.

For more information on these, or any other properties, please call us at (806) 763-5331
Chas. S. Middleton and Son
Texas Ranches For Sale

Waggoner-Ranch-main-graphicW.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch – Financing available through Capital Farm Credit

For information about obtaining financing on the W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch, please keep our friends at Capital Farm Credit in mind.

Phil Peabody or Clint Robinson

For more information on the Waggoner Ranch, please visit our website at Chas. S. Middleton and Son

or call Sam Middleton
806.763.5331 office   817.304.0504 cell

Waggoner BloombergBernard Uechtritz and Sam Middleton – photo credit Bloomberg
Bloomberg Heading 7-21-2015  For $725 Million, You Can Buy a Texas Ranch That’s the Size of a Small Nation

“It takes days to see it all,” says Bernard Uechtritz. The real estate broker is steering his black Ford F-350 pickup over one of the hundreds of miles of roads ribboning the W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch 175 miles (280 kilometers) northwest of Dallas. Squinting into the sun, Uechtritz gestures to the sky on his right. “Everything you can see, as far as the eye can see, is the ranch,” he says. He points straight ahead, then behind him, then left. “Each horizon is this ranch.” More

Interview and Story By Bryan Gruley
Photographs by Jesse Chehak
Bloomberg July 21, 2015

Iconic Chunk of Texas for Sale for $725 Million
Published on Jul 21, 2015
The Waggoner Ranch in north Texas is slightly smaller than Rhode Island and is the largest ranch in the U.S. within a single fence. Everything about it is Texas-scale: the colorful history, the sprawl, the oil that lies beneath it, and the feud among the heirs that is forcing a court-ordered sale. This old-fashioned working ranch comes with 6,800 cattle, 500 quarter horses, more than 1,000 producing oil wells, nearly 30,000 acres of farmland and more than 150 years of history. The price tag: $725 Million.
(Video by: Jeniece Pettitt, Ryo Ikegami) (Source: Bloomberg)

IMG_3385Bernard Uechtritz and Sam Middleton inside the Waggoner Building Vernon, Texas

waggoner-detail-9image credit Bloomberg


We are proud to have obtained an exclusive listing on the very well improved, highly productive, Frisco Creek Ranch, which is ideally located in the Northern Texas Panhandle. The ranch is located approximately 80 air miles north of Amarillo, just northeast of Stratford, Texas, the county seat of Sherman County.

The Frisco Creek Ranch is located in an area of long-term family ownership operations, where properties of this quality and size rarely become available for sale. Typical operations in this area are a combination of native pasture, irrigated farmland and improved pasture, such as CRP.

This desirable ranch has a terrain which varies from virtually level to gently sloping and slightly broken, descending to seasonal draws and creeks draining portions of the ranch. Elevations on the property range from around 3,400 – 3,500 feet on the upland plains, and descend to around 3,350 feet in the lower creek bottom areas. The ranch is a combination of irrigated farmland, improved pasture and native grass.

Frisco Creek Ranch-4

Frisco Creek Ranch-3

Frisco Creek Ranch-2





High Timber Ranch-1

The High Timber Ranch is located in Northern New Mexico’s beautiful Rio Arriba County near the communities of Chama and Tierra Amarilla. The ranch contains approximately 3,400 acres and will be sold with a new survey. The property is very accessible with paved frontage along New Mexico 64. Elevations range from approximately 9,000′ to over 10,300′. The ranch is nicely improved by a two bedroom log home and a nice older bunkhouse. Both have been well maintained. The ranch is well watered by several earthen ponds, but the real highlight of the ranch is the live water.

For more information on this amazing offering, please visit the High Timber Ranch





More information on the HIGH TIMBER RANCH

Border Ranch-3SOLD! The Border Ranch – Dona Ana and Luna Counties, NM

146,839 Acres – Combination of Deeded, State Lease and BLM Lands

BLM Rated at 1,100 AU





Agricultural advancement happened pretty quickly in the Great Plains beginning in the late 19th Century. Innovation in irrigation technology made it possible for subsistence farming to occur with lots of shovel work and a nearby stream to divert water. Then the Reclamation Act made surface water sources accessible to more people, giving way to a farming industry. Next, engine technology made it possible to harvest groundwater in ways that had never before been seen. While windmills made it possible for early settlers to farm and live, they couldn’t draw enough water to sustain an industry.

This is what those early years of irrigation technology looked like when groundwater was drawn and dispersed with an engine. Credit to STEWARDING OUR AQUIFER


Photo – These photos were all the rage for postcards at the time. People used them to send word back to families on the East coast that they’d “made it.” This postcard made it to a brother in Schenectady, NY from Scott County Kansas. (1910)


Photo – Another postcard from Hereford, TX. 1200 Gallons per minute. (1918)


Photo – Belt Powered Oil Engine Pump. (1920)


Photo – Caterpillar powered, belt driven vertical shaft pump. (1925)


Photo – Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford talk new innovation in industrial agriculture. Firestone created the side-wheel sprinkler system pictured. (1930)


Photo – Flood irrigation wasn’t finished overnight. People still used it as pumps and sprinklers were getting cheaper, better, and more efficient. (1935)


Photo – 1938


Photo – Portable irrigation pump. Home-made. California (1938).


Photo – PTO driven portable irrigation pump. California (1938).


Photo – New lightweight aluminum comes along after WWII. (1946)


It’s been said that war is the mother of invention, and in the case of irrigation technology that’s true. While diesel technology was being implemented and used for farming, it wasn’t viable for the masses yet. It was too expensive, too heavy, too large, and too difficult to implement. By the end of WWII, technological innovations were more readily available to the common man and revolutionized the agricultural industry.

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