Waggoner BloombergBernard Uechtritz and Sam Middleton – photo credit Bloomberg
Bloomberg Heading 7-21-2015  For $725 Million, You Can Buy a Texas Ranch That’s the Size of a Small Nation

“It takes days to see it all,” says Bernard Uechtritz. The real estate broker is steering his black Ford F-350 pickup over one of the hundreds of miles of roads ribboning the W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch 175 miles (280 kilometers) northwest of Dallas. Squinting into the sun, Uechtritz gestures to the sky on his right. “Everything you can see, as far as the eye can see, is the ranch,” he says. He points straight ahead, then behind him, then left. “Each horizon is this ranch.” More

Interview and Story By Bryan Gruley
Photographs by Jesse Chehak
Bloomberg July 21, 2015

Iconic Chunk of Texas for Sale for $725 Million
Published on Jul 21, 2015
The Waggoner Ranch in north Texas is slightly smaller than Rhode Island and is the largest ranch in the U.S. within a single fence. Everything about it is Texas-scale: the colorful history, the sprawl, the oil that lies beneath it, and the feud among the heirs that is forcing a court-ordered sale. This old-fashioned working ranch comes with 6,800 cattle, 500 quarter horses, more than 1,000 producing oil wells, nearly 30,000 acres of farmland and more than 150 years of history. The price tag: $725 Million.
(Video by: Jeniece Pettitt, Ryo Ikegami) (Source: Bloomberg)

IMG_3385Bernard Uechtritz and Sam Middleton inside the Waggoner Building Vernon, Texas

waggoner-detail-9image credit Bloomberg


We are proud to have obtained an exclusive listing on the very well improved, highly productive, Frisco Creek Ranch, which is ideally located in the Northern Texas Panhandle. The ranch is located approximately 80 air miles north of Amarillo, just northeast of Stratford, Texas, the county seat of Sherman County.

The Frisco Creek Ranch is located in an area of long-term family ownership operations, where properties of this quality and size rarely become available for sale. Typical operations in this area are a combination of native pasture, irrigated farmland and improved pasture, such as CRP.

This desirable ranch has a terrain which varies from virtually level to gently sloping and slightly broken, descending to seasonal draws and creeks draining portions of the ranch. Elevations on the property range from around 3,400 – 3,500 feet on the upland plains, and descend to around 3,350 feet in the lower creek bottom areas. The ranch is a combination of irrigated farmland, improved pasture and native grass.

Frisco Creek Ranch-4

Frisco Creek Ranch-3

Frisco Creek Ranch-2





High Timber Ranch-1

The High Timber Ranch is located in Northern New Mexico’s beautiful Rio Arriba County near the communities of Chama and Tierra Amarilla. The ranch contains approximately 3,400 acres and will be sold with a new survey. The property is very accessible with paved frontage along New Mexico 64. Elevations range from approximately 9,000′ to over 10,300′. The ranch is nicely improved by a two bedroom log home and a nice older bunkhouse. Both have been well maintained. The ranch is well watered by several earthen ponds, but the real highlight of the ranch is the live water.

For more information on this amazing offering, please visit the High Timber Ranch





More information on the HIGH TIMBER RANCH

Border Ranch-3SOLD! The Border Ranch – Dona Ana and Luna Counties, NM

146,839 Acres – Combination of Deeded, State Lease and BLM Lands

BLM Rated at 1,100 AU





Agricultural advancement happened pretty quickly in the Great Plains beginning in the late 19th Century. Innovation in irrigation technology made it possible for subsistence farming to occur with lots of shovel work and a nearby stream to divert water. Then the Reclamation Act made surface water sources accessible to more people, giving way to a farming industry. Next, engine technology made it possible to harvest groundwater in ways that had never before been seen. While windmills made it possible for early settlers to farm and live, they couldn’t draw enough water to sustain an industry.

This is what those early years of irrigation technology looked like when groundwater was drawn and dispersed with an engine. Credit to STEWARDING OUR AQUIFER


Photo – These photos were all the rage for postcards at the time. People used them to send word back to families on the East coast that they’d “made it.” This postcard made it to a brother in Schenectady, NY from Scott County Kansas. (1910)


Photo – Another postcard from Hereford, TX. 1200 Gallons per minute. (1918)


Photo – Belt Powered Oil Engine Pump. (1920)


Photo – Caterpillar powered, belt driven vertical shaft pump. (1925)


Photo – Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford talk new innovation in industrial agriculture. Firestone created the side-wheel sprinkler system pictured. (1930)


Photo – Flood irrigation wasn’t finished overnight. People still used it as pumps and sprinklers were getting cheaper, better, and more efficient. (1935)


Photo – 1938


Photo – Portable irrigation pump. Home-made. California (1938).


Photo – PTO driven portable irrigation pump. California (1938).


Photo – New lightweight aluminum comes along after WWII. (1946)


It’s been said that war is the mother of invention, and in the case of irrigation technology that’s true. While diesel technology was being implemented and used for farming, it wasn’t viable for the masses yet. It was too expensive, too heavy, too large, and too difficult to implement. By the end of WWII, technological innovations were more readily available to the common man and revolutionized the agricultural industry.


Ranches and Land Recently Sold by brokerage Chas. S. Middleton and Son

List Created 7-8-2015

IMG_1556Mitchell Stirrup Ranch – Colfax County, NM

22,298 Deeded Acres

Lower L Bar Ranch 025Lower L Bar Ranch – Sandoval County, NM

36,427.48 Deeded Acres

IMG_1969Bateman Wichita River Ranch – King County, TX

8,780.11 Acres

IMG_1088Los Campos de Chama Ranch – Rio Arriba County, NM

753 Deeded Acres

IMG_2061Mitchell Yeso Creek Ranch – DeBaca County, NM

28,667.64 Deeded Acres

IMG_1395Tahoka Lake Ranch – Lynn County, TX

2,278 Acres

IMG_1373Dark Canyon Ranch – Eddy County, NM

35,598 Acres

IMG_2089Salt Creek Ranch – Stonewall County, TX

1,490 Acres

IMG_1071Boyd Ranch – Motley County, TX

620.63 Acres

To view other properties currently offered for sale please visit Chas. S. Middleton and Son


Drought Monitor Website


Quinlan Ranch 16,716.52 Acres Northern New Mexico

Quinlan Ranch 16,716.52 Acres Northern New Mexico


Quinlan Ranch Wild Elk and Deer Hunts and Rim Rock Elk Park Chama, NM

Class A Game Park with Canadian Bloodline Bull Elk

For more information on this amazing offering located near Chama, New Mexico in Unit 4 CLICK HERE



“We can’t say enough great things about our stay here the Quinlan Ranch! Each and every guide here has been incredible the hunting was above and beyond any experience we’ve ever had! Tim was amazing, a machine of a guide! He took us all over this ranch we have had the best time! Gutierrez hung around and helped us finish our hunt, and what a hunt it was! Austin did an amazing job with the food he kept my pregnant belly very happy! We love the family vibe with Mark Melissa and their beautiful little nugget (loved her). A very special thank you to Soren, talk about above and beyond meeting expectations! The generosity we been shown had me crying several times, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You make dreams come true here! We had a once-in-a-lifetime trip! We can’t wait to come back and try to top this hunt! The trip wouldn’t have been the same without Silver and Q, the dynamics of the guides was perfect. Thank you thank you thank you.”
All the best, Cody and Sam Erickson
US Air Force Tucson Arizona
Jim Shockey’s Outdoor Adventures Veterans Tribute Hunt 2013





For more information on this amazing offering located near Chama, New Mexico in Unit 4 CLICK HERE


Waggoner Ranch

There’s been so much press about the Waggoner Ranch lately that it seems the whole country, even possibly the whole world, may know that one of the nations largest ranches is currently for sale. At an asking price of $725 Million Dollars and containing over half of a million acres this is truly a giant among giants, even in my beloved Lone Star State. It seems that every major newspaper in the country has featured an article about the sale of this Texas Legend. There have been multiple reports in print and online from New York City to Los Angeles and Houston to Seattle. Sam Middleton and his partner Bernard Uechtritz have been featured in several televised interviews, news articles in small town newspapers, large metro newspapers and had exposure on the likes of Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg and many, many others. The storied history of the ranch, along with the sheer size and vastness of the property, coupled with the fact that a ranch of this immense magnitude may never be offered for sale again in many years has created quite the buzz online. Land, Rivers, Lakes, Cattle, Horses and Oil. The Waggoner seems to offer everything that a discriminating buyer could ever want. The price? Lets just say that compared to buying a major professional sports team, or a huge skyscraper in Chicago or Lower Manhattan, or a small private island, the purchase of the W.T. Waggoner Estate may seem relatively inexpensive.

So just how big is the Waggoner Ranch? How about a size comparison!

There are a lot of ways to describe the Waggoner Ranch. Some that come to mind are immense, immeasurable, vast, massive, enormous, gigantic, colossal, great, monumental, towering, tremendous or huge! The ranch is larger than the city of London and over twice the size of New York, NY. The entire island of Maui will almost fit inside the ranch’s borders!

500 Thousand + acres is a lot of land in anybody’s book, but the best way to see the true scale of just how big the ranch is may be in aerial views.

Waggoner RanchThis image shows the approximate boundaries of the Waggoner Ranch. This image, taken from Google Earth, shows the location of Vernon, Crowell and Seymour, TX. Compare this image to the images below that show the same outline at very near the exact altitude.

DFW MetroplexWaggoner Ranch compared to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

HoustonWaggoner Ranch compared to Houston, TX

New York NYWaggoner Ranch compared to New York, NY

Washington DCWaggoner Ranch compared to Washington, D.C.





Location: The Berrendo Ranch is located just west of Claunch, approximately 35 miles northwest of Carrizozo. From Albuquerque, the ranch is approximately 100 miles.

Acres: 7,520 deeded acres

History: The ranch has historically been utilized as a cow/calf or yearling operation with the added benefit of outstanding recreation.

Terrain: The Berrendo offers a superb combination of open rolling grama grass native pasture with scattered cholla and juniper ascending to a more dense canopy of juniper. Elevations range from approximately 6,200′-6,450′.

The grass turf on the Berrendo Ranch is in excellent condition and the ranch has not been grazed in several years.

Water: Two electric water wells and pipelines to drinkers provide water throughout the ranch. Additionally, there are seven seasonal dirt tanks. The water system is in good condition and everything seems to work well.

Access: Access to the ranch is provided by well maintained graded county roads.

Improvements: The ranch is improved by a modest ranch house containing 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. This home has recently undergone an exceptional renovation and appears to be in excellent condition. Additionally, a set of wooden livestock pens is located near the home.

Hunting/Recreation: Wildlife on the Berrendo Ranch consists of populations of pronghorn antelope, elk, mule deer, and an occasional Oryx (Gemsbok). The ranch is enrolled in the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish E-Plus Landowner Elk System and A -Plus Landowner Antelope System.

Remarks: This is an opportunity to purchase an all deeded recreation ranch property in an area offering an excellent climate, outstanding hunting and great livestock grazing.

Price: $340 per acre


Trail Cam Pics 6-10-2015

Trail Cam Pics 6-30-2015


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