15th Mar, 2014

Mule Deer Seasons Top Suite of Proposed Hunting Regulation Changes in Knox, Lubbock and Lynn Counties


AUSTIN – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is proposing expansion of mule deer hunting in several counties.

TPWD staff presented proposed amendments to the 2014-15 Statewide Hunting Proclamation to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. The recommended changes include:

  • Implement an archery-only open season and 16-day general season for mule deer in Knox County, where the season is currently closed
  • Implement a nine-day general season for mule deer in Castro, Hale, Lubbock, and Lynn counties, where the season is currently closed
  • Clarify rules regarding utilization of antlerless mule deer permits

This change will most certainly increase land values throughout this area.

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