29th May, 2014

The mission for Park Cities Quail is Clear

Haystack Mtn Quail FeederBobwhite Quail on the Haystack Mountain Ranch – Dickens, TX


The mission for Park Cities Quail is clear: Group is committed to increasing quail numbers in Texas

Texas quail may be in decline, but they have a generous ally in Park Cities Quail.

Last week, the volunteer organization wrote checks totaling $770,000 for quail research and conservation. The money is the net proceeds from PCQs 2013 fundraiser held in March.

The group also announced country music legend George Strait as recipient of die 2014 T. Boone Pickens Lifetime Sportsman Award. Details for the event and the organization are at parkcitiesquail.org. Strait is a third-generation landowner, committed conservationist and avid sportsman.

“George Strait shares our passion and commitment to see wild quail restored to historic levels,” said Pickens, who is PCQ chairman emeritus.

In seven years, PCQ has contributed $3.4 million to quail research. One of the grants awarded last week went to Ron Kendall, a professor in Texas Tech’s Department of Environmental Toxicology.

Kendall, a quail hunter and biologist, received a grant to assess toxicology of aflatoxins from deer com and the impact of pestiddiis in quail ecosystems.

Texas deer hunters put out millions of pounds of corn each fall to draw game near their hunting blinds, A lot of birds and other animals eat the corn. Corn is susceptible to aflatoxin, a toxin produced by fungi.

Kendall said the agriculture industry has done a pretty good job of testing and labeling deer com as being good enough for wildlife feed, but it is unclear what happens after the com is bagged and labeled.

“What happens to leftover corn that’s stored in the barn all summer?’’ asked Kendall. “What about corn left in a feeder where it’s exposed to six or seven months of weather extremes, and then the feeder is activated?

“I plan to answer these More…

Haystyack Mtn Ranch Quail Hunt PointersPoint! Haystack Mountain Ranch – Dickens, TX


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