5th Sep, 2017

Huddleston OC Ranch :: Exceptionally Well Maintained and Improved Ranch Currently Stocked at 530 AU

Huddleston OC Ranch For Sale 11,645.7 Acres Garza/Kent Counties, Texas

Location: The OC Ranch is extremely well located between Lubbock and Snyder in southeastern Garza County and southwestern Kent County. The ranch headquarters is approximately 2.5 miles from the most northern portions of Lake Alan Henry. The property is in two nearby tracts, The Headquarters Division, and the western portion, known as The 5 Sections. A paved county road provides access to the western portion of the property (The 5 Sections), and well maintained and improved gravel county roads provide access to the eastern portion of the property, The Headquarters Division. These county roads dead-end at the property and all exterior gates can be locked.

Terrain: The OC Ranch is fenced and cross-fenced into approximately 16 native grass pastures. Additionally, approximately 1,165 acres of the property is cultivated land, fenced into 4 pastures, which allowed Mr. Huddleston to rotate his cattle and maximize production. The cultivated land has been typically planted to wheat and grazed seasonally. Overall, exterior and pasture fences are in very good condition.

The Headquarters Division of the OC Ranch is considered to be gently rolling with elevations from about 2,050 feet up to about 2,400 feet. Beautiful and rugged bluffs descend from the productive uplands which overlook the southeastern portion of the property, where the Brazos River flows through the ranch for approximately 3/4 mile. The cultivated portion of the ranch, approximately 1,165 acres, is located on this division of the property.

The western division of the ranch has paved frontage and is known as “The 5 Sections.” It also is considered to be gently rolling overall, with elevations in the range of 2,300-2,450′. With the exception of a couple of hundred acres of eroded “badlands”, this portion of the property has a very good grass turf, is generally very open, productive and scenic.

One pasture, containing approximately 690 acres, has a canopy of shinnery mixed with some scattered mesquite.

It has been reported that just a year or so after buying the ranch that Mr. Huddleston purchased one of the first excavators in the area to bring to the OC Ranch to begin clearing brush. From that day on, brush work was a major part of the operation on the property. Today, there is very little to virtually no mesquite in many of the pastures. Several of the draws have canopies of hackberry, several varieties of browse, scattered mesquite and cedar in areas that are not easily accessible with heavy equipment. These pockets of brush offer quality habitat for wildlife, which can normally be viewed in the early mornings and late evenings on the wheat fields. The native grass turf is in excellent condition thanks to years of good conservation practices by Mr. Huddleston.

Mr. Huddleston always had a goal to sell one million dollars’ worth of calves off of the ranch in one year, and at one time, prior to the sale of the three sections to the City of Lubbock, Mr. Huddleston reportedly sold $985,000 worth of calves off of the OC Ranch. He was very proud of that fact, however, presently, it is reported that the ranch is stocked with approximately 530 cows. Mr. Huddleston felt that by grazing the wheat seasonally and having the ability to rotate on and off of the wheat as needed doubled his carrying capacity without damaging his native turf.

Water: Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Huddleston the ranch is now considered to be very well watered. There are over 25 earthen ponds on the entire property, many of which are large and deep. Several of the larger ponds are stocked with fish, and overall, fishing is reported to be extremely good. A private lake containing over 14 acres, known as “Little Henry Lake” is located just north of the ranch headquarters. This lake is deep and has been stocked with bass for years. Numerous bass over 10 pounds have come out of this lake with a few reaching to about 15 pounds. Many of these ponds, especially the larger ones, were built by Mr. Huddleston.

Many years ago, when the City of Lubbock began construction of Lake Alan Henry, approximately 3 sections of land belonging to Mr. Huddleston were sold to the city. This land is located near the dam and spillway, south of the main body of the ranch. Mr. Huddleston shrewdly negotiated for one of only 2 taps on the entire waterline system that runs from the lake to the city of Lubbock. Along with the tap, the OC Ranch receives 20 acre feet of water annually free of charge.

The Lake Alan Henry main waterline runs across The Headquarters Division of the OC Ranch west of the headquarters improvements (See Map in the back of this Brochure). There is a water tap dedicated exclusively to the ranch on the city waterline. From this tap there is an extensive network of private waterlines with drinking troughs that furnish livestock water over a major portion of The Headquarters Division and also serve the structural improvements at the headquarters. The Lake Alan Henry water is raw lake water; however, Mr. Huddleston installed a well designed reverse osmosis (R/O) water filtration system that is used to service the headquarter improvements.

The western portion of the ranch, “The 5 Sections” is also considered to be well watered. Water to this division is furnished by several large earthen ponds as well as an electric water well that serves a pipeline system and several drinking troughs.

Hunting/Recreation: The OC Ranch is located in an area rich in wildlife, and the wildlife definitely benefits from the management practices in place on the property. Whitetail and mule deer are both viewed regularly in good numbers, with quail, turkey and migratory birds being common, as well as aoudad in the more rugged breaks.

Of extreme benefit to the OC Ranch, the City of Lubbock owns several sections of land south of The Headquarters Division that is considered a sanctuary or wildlife mitigation area.

The main ramp at Lake Alan Henry can be accessed from the OC Ranch headquarters in only a few minutes and fishing and summer recreation activities on this lake are well known.

Improvements: The OC Ranch is considered to be very well improved, and as stated previously, the improvements appear to have been very well maintained. The ranch headquarters consist of the main home, where Mr. and Mrs. Huddleston lived, a nice ranch manager’s home, guest home, the main working/shipping pens, as well as sheds, barns and outbuildings. The 5 Sections Division to the west has a cinder-block house used for employees, as well as two additional sets of livestock shipping pens.

The main shipping pens at the ranch headquarters consists of a covered working area, Silencer hydraulic chute, ratcheting gate system and a well designed set of traps and alleys.

Mr. Huddleston was very proud of his ranch, and he was always looking for ways to improve the quality and productivity of his property. As a testament to his vision and love for the land, when the highway department was rebuilding nearby US Highway 84, Mr. Huddleston acquired many truckloads of their discarded road material and hauled it to the ranch, spreading this good road base over many miles of private ranch roads. Additionally, there is a dirt landing strip located just south of the headquarters improvements.

Remarks: Chas. S. Middleton and Son had a long term business relationship with Mr. Huddleston, and our firm actually handled the sale of this property when he purchased the ranch in approximately 1970. Mr. Huddleston was a well known farmer and cowman from Scurry County, Texas. He personally operated the property, lived on the ranch for many years, and continuously improved this land from the day he purchased it until the day he passed away, earlier this year.

Being the brokers who handled this sale for Mr. Huddleston, we were very familiar with the ranch at the time he purchased it, and can attest to the fact that he improved what once was a very brushy, poorly watered, marginally improved ranch into one of the premier working cattle ranches in this area of Texas. Mr. Huddleston spent countless hours clearing mesquite, placing quality soils in productive farmland for wheat pasture, adding substantial water features to the property, building quality fences, updating and maintaining the improvements that were on the ranch at the time of purchase and adding additional needed structural improvements. Without question, his pride of ownership and love for the land is apparent.

Price: Without question, the OC Ranch is one of the best working ranches in this part of the state and the property is ready to own, operate and enjoy. This ranch is a true pleasure to show and our firm is very proud to have been selected as the real estate firm to market and handle the sale of this outstanding ranch.

The ranch is being offered for sale for $1,100 per acre. Considering the amount of work that has gone into this property over the years, including, but not limited to the construction and maintenance of the improvements, the large private lake, the construction of multiple large ponds, the addition of the waterline system and numerous concrete drinking troughs, the extensive brush work and mesquite/cedar grubbing, fencing, as well as root plowing all of the land placed into cultivation, this ranch is very realistically priced and could not be duplicated at this price level on today’s market.

Mr. Huddleston was well known in this area and was very well respected and liked by everyone we have met. His beloved OC Ranch is a truly remarkable place and whoever buys this property is getting a reputation ranch they will be proud to own.

An inventory of the current rolling stock located on the property is available, and the rolling stock, including farm tractors, implements, etc. may be available for purchase separately. There is a very quality cow herd on the property that may be available for purchase as well.

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