16th Jun, 2017

Hamilton B3F Ranch For Sale in Motley County, Texas

Hamilton B3F Ranch For Sale in Motley County, Texas

Location: The property is located in northern Motley County, approximately 12 miles north of the ranching community of Matador.

Acres: 211.87 Acres

Terrain: Topography is generally level with small rolling hills. Soils are sandy in this area, and principally consist of a mix of Springer loamy fine sand and Miles loamy fine sand. This desirable blend of soil is ideal for wildlife due to a blend of shinnery and mesquite with scattered sage, hackberry other desirable wildlife browse. Sand plums are common, and this property has them in abundance.

Approximately 42 acres of this property, located on the far western portion, is very level and has been cleared of brush and seeded to an exceptional blend of improved grasses that include WW Spar, green sprangletop, blue grama, and side oats grama. This area offers good livestock grazing or would be very suitable to being planted to wheat or other grains for wildlife as a foodplot.

Water: This tract is watered by an electric submergible water well that feeds a concrete drinking trough, both located in the central portion of the property. The highlight of the property is a stocked fishing pond, complete with a small dock/platform that holds a fish feeder.

Irrigation quality water is known to be in the area. Currently, there is no irrigated land on this property, however, there is a large pivot irrigation system on an adjoining property.

Improvements: The property is fenced, and fences are generally in very good condition.

Access: Access is provided by graded, county maintained roads.

Hunting/Recreation: This tract is currently owned and operated by the Hamilton Family, an established family that has been involved in all aspects of agriculture, from farming and ranching to hunting. This quality tract joins some of the family’s game managed land, as well as other properties that have desirable wildlife habitat.

Remarks: This property offers good cattle and livestock grazing, good fences, electricity and well water, as well as exceptional wildlife habitat and a stocked fishing pond.

This area is widely recognized for quail production, and dove and other migratory bird hunting as well. Turkey are very common and huntable populations of both whitetail and mule deer are present. It is extremely uncommon to find such a combination.

Price: $1,175 per acre

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