15th Jul, 2014

Under Contract! The Lower L Bar Ranch in Sandoval County Western New Mexico. 36,460.2 Acres – $20M


Under Contract
The Lower L Bar Ranch
36,460.2 Acres – $20,000,000

The Lower L Bar Ranch located northwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico near the community of Laguna is under contract. The ranch has good views of Sandia Mountain, several large mesas and volcanic cones along with rich Native American history along with artifacts, etc.  The ranch also offers exceptional big game hunting with native herds of elk, mule deer, bear, barbary sheep and mountain lions. The property is located in New Mexico Big Game Unit 9 and the ranch receives 30 bull elk rifle tags, 8 bull elk muzzleloader tags, 22 either sex archery tags, and 56 cow elk rifle tags. Vegetation includes scattered juniper in the lower elevations with oak, mountain mahogany, pinon, and an abundance of large ponderosa pine in the higher elevations. The main headquarters consists of a 3 bedroom 1 3/4 bath owner’s home, outbuildings and shipping pens. A partial two story log hunting lodge set up to accommodate 15 guests is located on the edge of a high rocky bluff overlooking the valley bottom lands. This ranch has a rugged, very scenic “western movie set” look.

The ranch is listed with Sam Middleton – Chas. S. Middleton and Son.

Lower L Bar Ranch 030

Lower L Bar Ranch 029

Lower L Bar Ranch 027

Lower L Bar Ranch 019

Lower L Bar Ranch 006

Lower L Bar Ranch




Lower L Bar Ranch 008

Lower L Bar Ranch 004

Lower L Bar Ranch 005

Lower L Bar Ranch

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