8th Apr, 2015

Buyers and Sellers of Ranch Real Estate – Chas. S. Middleton and Son Ranch Brokerage TX NM CO

1939 CSM Cattle Drive

Chas. S. Middleton and Son

Ranch brokerage firm serving Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas

Attention Buyers and Sellers of Ranch Real Estate

According to google analytics, our website has received almost 25,000 visitors in the past 30 days (March 8 through April 7, 2015). Of those 25K visits, approximately 60% of those were new visitors to our site.

Currently, we have over 300,000 acres of land in our inventory, not including the WT Waggoner Estate Ranch, which contains over 500,000+ acres!

We are fortunate to hold this much inventory and thankful to all of our clients customers for placing your trust in our firm.

If you are in need of a ranch brokerage firm to handle a transaction for you inside of our large coverage area, please keep our firm in mind.

Chas S Middleton and Son

Pictured: Rusty Lawson, Charlie Middleton, Sam Middleton and Chad Dugger

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