22nd Jul, 2015

Bloomberg Business: Waggoner Ranch Video and Interview with Brokers Selling The Ranch

Waggoner BloombergBernard Uechtritz and Sam Middleton – photo credit Bloomberg
Bloomberg Heading 7-21-2015  For $725 Million, You Can Buy a Texas Ranch That’s the Size of a Small Nation

“It takes days to see it all,” says Bernard Uechtritz. The real estate broker is steering his black Ford F-350 pickup over one of the hundreds of miles of roads ribboning the W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch 175 miles (280 kilometers) northwest of Dallas. Squinting into the sun, Uechtritz gestures to the sky on his right. “Everything you can see, as far as the eye can see, is the ranch,” he says. He points straight ahead, then behind him, then left. “Each horizon is this ranch.” More

Interview and Story By Bryan Gruley
Photographs by Jesse Chehak
Bloomberg July 21, 2015

Iconic Chunk of Texas for Sale for $725 Million
Published on Jul 21, 2015
The Waggoner Ranch in north Texas is slightly smaller than Rhode Island and is the largest ranch in the U.S. within a single fence. Everything about it is Texas-scale: the colorful history, the sprawl, the oil that lies beneath it, and the feud among the heirs that is forcing a court-ordered sale. This old-fashioned working ranch comes with 6,800 cattle, 500 quarter horses, more than 1,000 producing oil wells, nearly 30,000 acres of farmland and more than 150 years of history. The price tag: $725 Million.
(Video by: Jeniece Pettitt, Ryo Ikegami) (Source: Bloomberg)

IMG_3385Bernard Uechtritz and Sam Middleton inside the Waggoner Building Vernon, Texas

waggoner-detail-9image credit Bloomberg

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