1st Feb, 2017

All Deeded Land Las Animas County Colorado Ranch For Sale near Trinchera Colorado

Acme Ranch SunsetAcme Ranch For Sale in Southeastern Colorado Las Animas County 19,446 Ac. All Deeded

Location: The ranch is located in Las Animas County near the ranching community of Trinchera.

Acres: The Acme Ranch is comprised of 19,446 +/- Deeded Acres.

Terrain: The terrain of the property varies from elevated ridges to rolling and sloping hill sides, descending to productive live water creek bottoms. Much of the ranch has an open appearance, but fractured rock ledges are found along creek bottom side slopes and these rougher areas of the ranch have scattered to moderate canopies of juniper.

Portions of the ranch offer excellent winter protection for livestock and also serve as good habitat for wildlife. Overall, elevations range from approximately 5,600 feet in the creek bottoms to around 6,000 feet on the elevated uplands.

The ranch supports a good variety of palatable native grasses with scattered cholla cactus and chemise found in the open prairie country, along with juniper and oak being present on rocky ridge lines and creek drainages.

Average precipitation is approximately 14 – 15 inches annually and winter snowfall generally amounts to several feet per year.

Water: The Acme Ranch is considered to be extremely well watered by several wells/windmills, a very extensive waterline network with large livestock drinking troughs and several live water creeks. Totally, the ranch has approximately 6 miles of year round, dependable live water creeks. Water quality is good. Other water sources include several earthen ponds.

Access: Access is provided by paved US Highways and graded county roads.

Improvements: The ranch is adequately fenced and cross-fenced. Structural improvements include a good metal barn/shop building and a frame storage building. Recently, a very substantial set of pipe shipping pens were built on the ranch. These pens are extremely well designed for ease of handling cattle and serve as a great addition to the property. The ranch has historically been operated as a 400 cow ranch, but could be operated on a seasonal basis for grazing yearlings.

Hunting/Recreation: In addition to ranching, hunting opportunities are available on the Acme Ranch. Antelope are common throughout the open prairie areas, with whitetail deer found in some of the creek bottoms and mule deer and elk being fairly common in the rougher elevated ridges and more broken creek bottom country.

The Acme Ranch is located in Colorado Parks and Wildlife game management unit 140. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southeast Region, which includes Unit 140, has hunting seasons allocated for antelope, deer and elk. Unit 140 has antler restrictions on elk which require 4 points or more on one side, which aids bull elk to reach maturity and full horn growth potential.

Elk hunting in Unit 140 consists of an archery season, a muzzleloader season and several rifle seasons. Mule deer hunting consists of an archery season followed by multiple rifle seasons. Over the counter licenses are available for whitetail deer in Unit 140.

Remarks: The Acme Ranch is an economical, all deeded cattle ranch with the added bonus of substantial live water and good hunting. This is a rare combination in this area of Colorado.

Price: This working cattle ranch is very reasonably priced at $325 per acre.

All of the seller’s mineral interest will convey with the property.

Considering the substantial amount of live water and the hunting opportunities on the property, we are of the opinion there is no better ranch for sale, for the money, in Southeastern Colorado.

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Acme Ranch Snow on Mountains





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