21st Aug, 2017

871.73 Deeded Acre Sumpter Johnson Mesa Ranch For Sale in Colxax County, New Mexico

871.73 Deeded Acre Sumpter Johnson Mesa Ranch For Sale in Colxax County, New Mexico

Location: The Sumpter Ranch is well located on Johnson Mesa, approximately 20 highway miles east of Raton, New Mexico.

Acres: 871.73 Deeded Acres

Terrain: Johnson Mesa is widely known as one of the most productive ranching areas of the state, and additionally offers panoramic 360 degree scenic views with the added benefit of wildlife/hunting.

Johnson Mesa is a well-defined, prominent mesa plateau located east of Raton, New Mexico and just west of the small community of Folsom, New Mexico. This elevated

mesa plateau extends in a westerly to easterly direction approximately 20 miles and is generally 4-6 miles wide from north to south. Elevations on the open plains country at the foot of Johnson Mesa generally range from 6,500 – 7,000 feet. Elevations on top of Johnson Mesa range from 8,000 – 8,700 feet. This dramatic increase in elevation on the mesa provides a top-of-the-world view of the surrounding country side, overlooking the lower plains country below. From the mesa edge on the Sumpter Ranch, one can view Capulin Peak and Sierra Grande in the far distance. Johnson Mesa is characterized as a lava-topped tableland created from past volcanic eruptions.

Several volcanic cones, such as Red Mountain, Towndrow Peak and Dale Mountain rise approximately 400 feet above the surrounding mesa upland areas.

Elevations over much of the Sumpter Ranch range from 8,000 – 8,150 feet; however, a major drainageway, known as Uña de Gato enters the property near the northwest corner and meanders through the north-half of the ranch in a southeasterly direction. Intermittent holes of creek water are found along Uña de Gato.

This creek is very accessible throughout the north-half of the property. The creek has rocky side slopes and a sprinkling of brush cover in this area of the ranch. On the far eastern edge of the property, the creek transitions into a significant, very deep and rugged canyon, with sheer fractured rock ledges creating a natural operational boundary for the eastern portion of the ranch. This steep canyon escarpment area does not follow the true ownership boundary, with a small portion of the ranch being in the bottom of the canyon, and an estimated 20 or more acres of the neighbor’s country being on top of the elevated mesa uplands. In other words, from an operational standpoint, it appears that the Sumpter Ranch gains an additional 20 acres or so of neighboring land that cannot be accessed by the landowner to the east.

Oak motts, mountain mahogany and locust trees are found on rocky hillsides and side slope areas of the ranch. Large ponderosa pine, spruce and fir are found in dense concentrations in the rugged canyon areas.

Soils are deep and fertile on the level portions of the property and become very rocky on the side slopes and hilly areas. Rock outcroppings are generally described as volcanic malpai/lava rocks,

which give the soil and grass tremendous strength and fertility. The ranch has a lush cover of high elevation grasses, being grama, fescue, western wheatgrass and bluestem. Native grass vegetation

on Johnson Mesa is widely recognized as some of the best the state has to offer, and summer gains often exceed 300 pounds for the season (middle of May through October 1st – 15th) for yearling cattle.

While much of the Sumpter Ranch has an open appearance, pockets of brush and scattered trees offer favorable habitat for mule deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, turkey and black bear. Additionally, the heavily timbered Uña de Gato Canyon area adjoining the property on the east provides exceptional cover and habitat for mule deer and elk. In the early mornings and late afternoons, it is very common for wildlife to leave the protected canyon cover in order to graze on the productive Johnson Mesa pasture lands. Historically, the focus of the property has been seasonal grazing of yearling type cattle, but good hunting opportunities exist on the property.

Because of the high altitude, summers have very pleasurable moderate temperatures, and winters can be harsh. At times, the highway extending through Johnson Mesa will be closed during the winter months because of excessive snow. This snow, however, jump starts the country as temperatures warm in the summer, and native grass vegetation normally excels during the growing season, offering tremendous grazing opportunities from May – October. Typically, Johnson Mesa receives 19 – 20 inches of moisture during the year.

Water: The Sumpter Ranch is well watered with pockets of natural water along Uña de Gato, numerous earthen ponds, an electric submersible well located at the old ranch headquarters, and an electric solar well, which is located about mid-way into the ranch. An old set of ranch headquarter improvements are located on the property, but these structures have not been occupied in many years.

Access: Access to the property is provided by paved highway.

Price: The Sumpter Ranch is offered for sale at $1,400 per acre. One-half of the seller’s mineral interest will convey with the property. Property taxes are extremely reasonable, being approximately $420 per year.

The Sumpter Ranch is located in an area (Johnson Mesa) where ranch properties are typically passed down from generation to generation, and a property such as the Sumpter is seldom offered for sale.

We view this offering as a rare opportunity to purchase some of the most productive ranch country in Northeastern New Mexico. Please consider this outstanding offering.

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