Financing Options Available for Mesa Vista Ranch 

When you’re buying a one-of-a-kind, 65,000 acre property, you need an equally distinctive lending and underwriting team with the ability, capacity and specific knowledge required for a property of this scope, size and value.

That’s why Chas. S Middleton and Son like working with Capital Farm Credit (CFC), Texas’ largest cooperative rural lender.

“I have worked with Capital Farm Credit for many years in many successful transactions,” said Sam Middleton owner of Chas. S Middleton and Sons of Lubbock. “I believe them to be one of the premier lenders in our agricultural industry.”

“Capital Farm Credit specializes in Texas rural, agricultural and ranch lending, and they have the expertise and capacity to handle any ranch in Texas,” added Middleton.

“We’re proud to present financing options on the Mesa Vista Ranch,” said Ben Novosad, CEO of Capital Farm Credit. “We’ve been a reliable source of credit to Texas farmers and ranchers for more than a century. Blending Texas market expertise with cutting edge financial products is what we do, and we’re very comfortable doing it.”

About Capital Farm Credit

Capital Farm Credit has provided financing to Texas farmers, ranchers, rural property owners and agribusinesses for more than 100 years. Headquartered in Bryan, CFC has offices serving most of Texas. For more information about its patronage dividend program, financial services and office locations, visit

To discuss financing, please contact Jason Gandy or Phil Peabody at 877-944-5500.

2012 Texas Parks and Wildlife Conservation Hall of Fame Tribute video – T. Boone Pickens Mesa Vista Ranch

On September 28, 2012, Boone Pickens was inducted into Texas Parks and Wildlife Conservation Hall of Fame. They celebrated with an event in Dallas, TX where this short video was shown. Recognized for his stewardship of the land over the past 60 years, Mr. Pickens was honored to receive this award. His ranch, Mesa Vista, located in the panhandle of Texas, serves as a national model for others as we strive to preserve the natural habitat for generations to come.

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Boone Pickens' Mesa Vista Ranch For Sale 64,809 Acres Roberts County, Texas

Boone Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch For Sale

64,809 Acres Roberts County, Texas

LOCATION: The Mesa Vista Ranch is located in Roberts County in the Eastern Texas Panhandle. The ranch is located about 30 miles north of Pampa, Texas, and approximately 85 miles northeast of Amarillo.

ACRES: 64,809 +/- Acres

HISTORY: In 1971, Boone purchased approximately 2,900 acres along the south side of the Canadian River in Roberts County, Texas.

Over the years, Boone began to assemble additional adjoining land positioned along the Canadian River corridor, and today the Mesa Vista Ranch comprises over 100 square miles of prime Eastern Texas Panhandle ranch land.

As Boone’s assemblage continued, he spent millions and millions of dollars to make Mesa Vista one of the best improved ranches in the United States. He used cutting edge conservation practices to enhance the wildlife on the property.

Today Boone proudly boasts that the Mesa Vista Ranch is, “the world’s best quail hunting.”

Download the Official Mesa Vista Ranch Brochure

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: As Boone expanded his holdings, his focus always remained centered along the Canadian River. Today, the Mesa Vista Ranch stretches approximately 25 miles along the south side of the Canadian River. This lush river bottom land creates the centerpiece for the property, but the ranch features an unmatched variety of land types ranging from rolling sand hills to elevated ridges, mesa points and gently rolling, open prairie lands. The river bottom and numerous major drainages support abundant massive cottonwood trees, as well as willows, hackberry trees and others. Much of the river bottom is sub-irrigated and suitable for native hay production. Live spring water is found throughout several of the major drainages.

In an effort to enhance wildlife on the property, over the years, Boone has been a leader in conservation practices that are now followed by many other sportsmen in the country. As a testament to Boone’s conservation efforts, in 2008 he was named the recipient of the prestigious Park Cities Quail Unlimited Lifetime Sportsman Award.

Boone maintains a small cow herd on the ranch, 400-500 cows Boone has placed over 1,000 quail feeders and numerous deer feeders on the ranch. He has created a number of food plot areas and added a network of buried waterlines with small water outlets to create wet areas for quail.

LODGE COMPOUND: The Lodge, along with multiple support structures is located in a manicured, tree covered “park-like” setting. It is common to view whitetail deer and turkey in the mornings and afternoons, with turkey roosting in the trees in the late evening. This Lodge Compound has been the major gathering area for Boone’s family and guests over the years. It has served an important role as a place where corporate heads have met to discuss and craft multi-million-dollar business transactions, politicians and large donors have gathered for political events. Few if any facilities can match the beauty of the Lodge Compound.

Initial construction on the Lodge began in 1988, with numerous updates and additions added over the years. Presently, the Lodge itself comprises in excess of 25,000 square feet with an additional approximately 10,000 square feet of porches and patio areas.

Surrounding the Lodge is significant landscaping, in-ground sprinkler systems, and underground electrical service. Adding to the ambiance of the Lodge are numerous bronze sculptures tastefully positioned on the grounds. In addition to the Lodge and support structures, the compound features a lighted tennis court, a skeet/trap range, and a small golf course with two fairways and greens and nine tee boxes.

The Family House, which was completed in 2009, is located west of the Main Lodge. This house is a two-story with a third floor lounging and viewing room. The Family House contains over 6,000 square feet of living area and approximately 2,500 square feet of porches and patios.

The Pub is located north of the Family House and is a two-story structure containing approximately 2,250 square feet of air-conditioned area.

The Gun Room is a freestanding, single-story structure containing over 400 square feet. This building was constructed in 2005 and features a lounge area, bathroom, and kitchenette.

The Gate House, adjacent to the golf course, is a single family, two-story residence with partial basement. This house has approximately 2,300 square feet of living area, an attached two-car garage, and a deck area.

In 2007 Boone constructed a charming Chapel located on the north end of the Lodge Compound area. This chapel is situated along the banks of a flowing creek and lake area. Adjacent to the Chapel is the Memory Garden, which was constructed in 2014. There are pergolas and a beautiful stair-cased waterfall feature behind the structure.

In addition to the above, the Lodge Compound includes other support structures such as storage buildings and the Hilltop House, which is a children’s play house. Overall, the Lodge Compound area is the most user-friendly facility on the ranch. It is designed to house large groups for entertaining or business functions.

LAKE HOUSE: Boone’s Lake House has been featured in Architectural Digest Magazine and Cowboys and Indians Magazine. The Lake House contains approximately 11,500 square feet of living area and over 3,800 square feet of porches and patios. The front entry door was originally the front door to Bing Crosby’s home.

The upper level of the home features a large living/great room with fireplace, dining area, master bedroom and bath, 1 1/2 bathrooms, kitchen, utility room, and elevator. A spiral staircase with stone imported from France leads to the lower level where there are two guest bedrooms, three bathrooms, wine cellar and tasting room, office, exercise room, utility room, cedar closet, mechanical room, and storm/safe room.

Outdoor balcony railings are bronze and all balconies and porch areas overlook astonishing water features, such as lakes, ponds, waterfalls, and aqueducts. The landscaping, topography features, and water enhancements make the Lake House truly “fit for a king.”

AIRPORT AND HANGAR: The airport is located on the western portion of the ranch. The runway is approximately 6,000 feet long and 100 feet wide. The airport facility was designed and built with FAA approval and meets all of their requirements and regulations.

Approach lights are installed along the runway. The runway itself is constructed of one-foot thick concrete. This airport runway is designed to handle most any size private aircraft.

Adjacent to the runway is a 52,600-square foot concrete tarmac, which connects the airport to the hangar. The hangar facility contains approximately 25,000 square feet with epoxy coated concrete floor. It features a heated electric hangar door opening system, an attractive lounge and restroom area downstairs and a two-bedroom, two-bathroom pilot’s apartment upstairs.

The entire airport complex is located within an 8-foot-high game fence constructed of 2 1/2 inch steel posts with heavy gauge net wire. In addition, the facility is equipped with a standby 350KW generator system for auxiliary power.

DOG KENNEL: The Dog Kennel is located east of the Lodge complex, between the Lodge and the highway. The Kennel contains approximately 11,000 square feet of usable kennel area, with approximately 3,600 feet being enclosed and air conditioned. There are 40 chain-link dog pens, 20 on each side of a concrete center alleyway.

The Kennel is equipped with full office facilities, a large meat processing-center. The facility includes a veterinary lab, upper level storage, overhead crane and bathroom.

WATER FEATURES: The Canadian River itself generally forms the north boundary of the ranch for a distance of approximately 25 miles. This river bottom is wide and fertile with a shallow water table. In some areas, standing pockets of water are common and portions of the river bottom are sub-irrigated. In the early 2000’s Boone began a massive water enhancement project, likely never before conceived or duplicated by a private citizen. By dredging and building a chain of dams, waterfalls, lakes, and other water enhancements, Boone created possibly the largest individual water park ever envisioned. In addition to the countless lakes and ponds, he created a flowing, man-made creek called “Boone’s Creek,” which basically parallels the Canadian River. By dredging into the standing water table in the Canadian River bottom, this creek was formed. Boone, however, was not satisfied with standing water in the creek and wanted ever flowing running water throughout the creek bottom. With the use of well water injected into the creek, Boone’s Creek flows several thousand gallons per minute throughout this stretch of roughly 12 miles of creeks, lakes, waterfalls and ponds, all of which are man-made. With a system of pumps and pipelines, much of this water can be recirculated and used over and over. Without question, Boone has created an unmatched oasis in the Texas Panhandle.

WILDLIFE: The Mesa Vista Ranch supports a variety of wildlife. Whitetail deer thrive in the productive creek bottom areas and mule deer are found throughout the sandhills, broken ridges, and mesa points on the southeast side of the ranch. Aoudad are also viewed from time to time in this rougher portion of the property. Antelope are found on the open plains country on the southwest side of the ranch. Besides quail, dove are also abundant and water fowl are seasonally present on many of the lakes. Hundreds and hundreds of turkeys are common throughout the tree-covered bottom lands. Most all of the lakes have been stocked with a variety of fish, and fishing is reported to be excellent.

The southern portion of the Mesa Vista Ranch is improved with pivot sprinkler systems and irrigation wells. Portions of this land are planted in a combination of wheat and millet, providing outstanding habitat for pheasant. All in all, with the water features, varying terrain, and conservation measures in place on the Mesa Vista Ranch, it would be hard to find a better recreational property in this area of Texas.

RANCH RESOURCES: Roberts County is known to have prolific saturated thickness of quality Ogallala ground water, along with substantial oil and gas resources.

The Mesa Vista Ranch is located in an area of prolific quality ground water, being in the Ogallala Water Formation. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of acres of water rights have been sold in Roberts County for municipal water purposes. Recent commercial water sales in the area indicate that water rights have a commercial value in the range of $400 – $500 per acre.

As previously discussed, Boone acquired the Mesa Vista Ranch in a series of purchases over the years. Boone obtained water rights in the earlier purchases, but in more recent years, as he acquired adjoining land, the commercial water rights were already sold, due to their commercial value. Overall, Boone owns approximately 42,000 acres of water rights, which will convey with the sale. This is considered to be an extremely valuable asset.

In addition to this water resource, minerals are also considered to be a valuable resource in Roberts County. Like the water, Boone obtained a portion of the minerals on the earlier land purchases, but as he expanded to the east and west in more recent years, he was unable to obtain minerals with these acquisitions.

There is scattered oil and gas activity on the Mesa Vista Ranch. All of Boone’s owned mineral interests will convey. In 2015, Boone’s oil and gas royalty income totaled approximately $2,560,000. In 2016, with oil and gas prices declining, the total royalty income dropped to approximately $771,000. For the first nine months of 2017 the royalty income is approximately $541,000. Again, all owned water rights, all owned mineral rights, and royalty will convey with the property.

There are a number of large, operating wind farms located in the Texas Panhandle. All wind generation royalty rights are also included.

PRICE AND REMARKS: The Boone Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch is offered for sale at a price of $250,000,000. It seems impossible to comprehend all of the improvements made to this property, whether it is structural improvements, water enhancements, landscaping, wildlife conservation features, or others. As example, thousands of tons of landscaping rock, trees, shrubbery, plants, etc. were imported to the property over the years. Early on, Boone hired Tommy Ford, an architect from Dallas, Texas, to help in the planning, drafting, and construction of the many improvements placed on the ranch. Together, Boone and Tommy had the vision to take raw ranch land and transform this property into what now represents Mesa Vista Ranch.

In a recent conversation with Tommy Ford, he estimated that the total volume of building materials, landscaping rocks, trees, and other enhancements delivered to the ranch would exceed 120 trains, with each train load containing 110 cars of materials. Having overseen most all of the major structural construction on the property, Tommy estimated replacement cost of over $140,000,000, not counting the added cost of dredging and developing the lakes and creek water systems on the property.

To our knowledge, no other ranch can replicate Boone’s Mesa Vista Ranch. He has spent nearly 50 years transforming this Texas Panhandle Ranch into a wildlife paradise with spectacular water features and improvements fit for a king. The sale of the Mesa Vista Ranch is basically “turn key,” including all rolling stock, equipment, pick-up trucks, hunting vehicles, farming equipment, furnishings, bird dogs, etc. The only exclusions are Boone’s personal effects, livestock, and his vast art collection. The livestock are available to be purchased separately, as is the majority of the art collection.

Download the Official Mesa Vista Ranch Brochure


“You do everything to make the land perfect, hoping the next owner has the same passion.” – T. Boone Pickens

Qualified buyers can schedule a showing of the property by contacting the Brokers.


Offered Jointly and Exclusively By Chas. S. Middleton and Son and Hall and Hall

Cross L Ranch Video

Northeastern New Mexico Ranch For Sale Near Clayton

The Cross L Ranch, one of the finest ranches in Northeast New Mexico, is situated in the Dry Cimarron Valley. This outstanding ranch features live water, irrigated cropland, good improvements and excellent hunting. 50% of the Owner’s minerals are included.

Canyon Country Club Development Property in Randall County

Location: Located in the Texas Panhandle near Canyon and Amarillo, Barrett/Ziegler Canyon Development Property is just outside the city of Canyon, and overlooks the rim of Palo Duro Creek and the Canyon Country Club. The property is approached via Country Club Road on the North, and paved Hope Road on the South. It is bordered by Hale road on the South. Dowell road approaches the property from the Southwest. It is located 3.5 miles West of Interstate 27 to Amarillo, and 1 mile North of Highway 60 that leads into Canyon. New housing developments are adjacent to this property, and include The Cliffs at Canyon Country Club, and Lone Star Estates.

Acres: 381.38 +/- Acres. Final acres will be determined by survey.

Remarks: The North and Northeastern portions of the property overlook and break into Palo Duro Creek and the country club below. These areas offer desirable views of the canyon and are highly sought after for development. The remainder of the property is mostly level terrain that is well suited for home sites due to its location and proximity to new home development.

The soils of the property not located along the canyon breaks are Pullman and Estacado clay loam, and are productive soils well suited for farming during the transition from agriculture to development.

The farmhouse and approximately 4 acres is not included in the sale. The owner will consider offers for this property which will be surveyed prior to the sale. The majority of the property is open, unimproved land.

The Barrett/Ziegler Canyon Development Property is an outstanding development opportunity, and is offered as a 381.38 +/- acre tract of land. This property is ideally located in a quite country setting, but is within minutes of Canyon and Amarillo. Commuters from Amarillo, Canyon and also Hereford will find the location of this property to be just right to build their dream home. It has the look and feel of being in the country, but is only 5 minutes from the city of Canyon and short drive to the retail trade center of Amarillo. The nearby Canyon Country Club offers amenities including golf, a restaurant and member’s bar, and an outdoor pool, all within a golf cart drive from your home.

Canyon is a growing and thriving community, with Randall County reporting 40 new developments in progress at this time.

The Fourth Economy Index in 2012 ranked Randall County among the top 10 counties in the nation with populations of 100,000 to 150,000 that are ideally positioned to attract modern investment and managed economic growth. “The FEC index considers several county-level measures within five areas: 1) Investment, 2) Talent, 3) Sustainability, 4) Place, and 5) Diversity. These five areas serve as a foundation for future economic success to include wage and employment growth, education levels, drive times, home values, minority business ownership, agricultural capacity and population density. The measures are weighted based on the level of influence they have on both internal and external investment decisions”. (Source: Fourth Economy Index,

Price: The Barrett/Ziegler Canyon Development Property is a rare opportunity for real estate developers to obtain a large block of land in a great location at a realistic price.

$3,500 per acre. 381.38 +/- acres. Final acres will be determined by survey.



Huddleston OC Ranch For Sale 11,645.7 Acres Garza/Kent Counties, Texas

Location: The OC Ranch is extremely well located between Lubbock and Snyder in southeastern Garza County and southwestern Kent County. The ranch headquarters is approximately 2.5 miles from the most northern portions of Lake Alan Henry. The property is in two nearby tracts, The Headquarters Division, and the western portion, known as The 5 Sections. A paved county road provides access to the western portion of the property (The 5 Sections), and well maintained and improved gravel county roads provide access to the eastern portion of the property, The Headquarters Division. These county roads dead-end at the property and all exterior gates can be locked.

Terrain: The OC Ranch is fenced and cross-fenced into approximately 16 native grass pastures. Additionally, approximately 1,165 acres of the property is cultivated land, fenced into 4 pastures, which allowed Mr. Huddleston to rotate his cattle and maximize production. The cultivated land has been typically planted to wheat and grazed seasonally. Overall, exterior and pasture fences are in very good condition.

The Headquarters Division of the OC Ranch is considered to be gently rolling with elevations from about 2,050 feet up to about 2,400 feet. Beautiful and rugged bluffs descend from the productive uplands which overlook the southeastern portion of the property, where the Brazos River flows through the ranch for approximately 3/4 mile. The cultivated portion of the ranch, approximately 1,165 acres, is located on this division of the property.

The western division of the ranch has paved frontage and is known as “The 5 Sections.” It also is considered to be gently rolling overall, with elevations in the range of 2,300-2,450′. With the exception of a couple of hundred acres of eroded “badlands”, this portion of the property has a very good grass turf, is generally very open, productive and scenic.

One pasture, containing approximately 690 acres, has a canopy of shinnery mixed with some scattered mesquite.

It has been reported that just a year or so after buying the ranch that Mr. Huddleston purchased one of the first excavators in the area to bring to the OC Ranch to begin clearing brush. From that day on, brush work was a major part of the operation on the property. Today, there is very little to virtually no mesquite in many of the pastures. Several of the draws have canopies of hackberry, several varieties of browse, scattered mesquite and cedar in areas that are not easily accessible with heavy equipment. These pockets of brush offer quality habitat for wildlife, which can normally be viewed in the early mornings and late evenings on the wheat fields. The native grass turf is in excellent condition thanks to years of good conservation practices by Mr. Huddleston.

Mr. Huddleston always had a goal to sell one million dollars’ worth of calves off of the ranch in one year, and at one time, prior to the sale of the three sections to the City of Lubbock, Mr. Huddleston reportedly sold $985,000 worth of calves off of the OC Ranch. He was very proud of that fact, however, presently, it is reported that the ranch is stocked with approximately 530 cows. Mr. Huddleston felt that by grazing the wheat seasonally and having the ability to rotate on and off of the wheat as needed doubled his carrying capacity without damaging his native turf.

Water: Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Huddleston the ranch is now considered to be very well watered. There are over 25 earthen ponds on the entire property, many of which are large and deep. Several of the larger ponds are stocked with fish, and overall, fishing is reported to be extremely good. A private lake containing over 14 acres, known as “Little Henry Lake” is located just north of the ranch headquarters. This lake is deep and has been stocked with bass for years. Numerous bass over 10 pounds have come out of this lake with a few reaching to about 15 pounds. Many of these ponds, especially the larger ones, were built by Mr. Huddleston.

Many years ago, when the City of Lubbock began construction of Lake Alan Henry, approximately 3 sections of land belonging to Mr. Huddleston were sold to the city. This land is located near the dam and spillway, south of the main body of the ranch. Mr. Huddleston shrewdly negotiated for one of only 2 taps on the entire waterline system that runs from the lake to the city of Lubbock. Along with the tap, the OC Ranch receives 20 acre feet of water annually free of charge.

The Lake Alan Henry main waterline runs across The Headquarters Division of the OC Ranch west of the headquarters improvements (See Map in the back of this Brochure). There is a water tap dedicated exclusively to the ranch on the city waterline. From this tap there is an extensive network of private waterlines with drinking troughs that furnish livestock water over a major portion of The Headquarters Division and also serve the structural improvements at the headquarters. The Lake Alan Henry water is raw lake water; however, Mr. Huddleston installed a well designed reverse osmosis (R/O) water filtration system that is used to service the headquarter improvements.

The western portion of the ranch, “The 5 Sections” is also considered to be well watered. Water to this division is furnished by several large earthen ponds as well as an electric water well that serves a pipeline system and several drinking troughs.

Hunting/Recreation: The OC Ranch is located in an area rich in wildlife, and the wildlife definitely benefits from the management practices in place on the property. Whitetail and mule deer are both viewed regularly in good numbers, with quail, turkey and migratory birds being common, as well as aoudad in the more rugged breaks.

Of extreme benefit to the OC Ranch, the City of Lubbock owns several sections of land south of The Headquarters Division that is considered a sanctuary or wildlife mitigation area.

The main ramp at Lake Alan Henry can be accessed from the OC Ranch headquarters in only a few minutes and fishing and summer recreation activities on this lake are well known.

Improvements: The OC Ranch is considered to be very well improved, and as stated previously, the improvements appear to have been very well maintained. The ranch headquarters consist of the main home, where Mr. and Mrs. Huddleston lived, a nice ranch manager’s home, guest home, the main working/shipping pens, as well as sheds, barns and outbuildings. The 5 Sections Division to the west has a cinder-block house used for employees, as well as two additional sets of livestock shipping pens.

The main shipping pens at the ranch headquarters consists of a covered working area, Silencer hydraulic chute, ratcheting gate system and a well designed set of traps and alleys.

Mr. Huddleston was very proud of his ranch, and he was always looking for ways to improve the quality and productivity of his property. As a testament to his vision and love for the land, when the highway department was rebuilding nearby US Highway 84, Mr. Huddleston acquired many truckloads of their discarded road material and hauled it to the ranch, spreading this good road base over many miles of private ranch roads. Additionally, there is a dirt landing strip located just south of the headquarters improvements.

Remarks: Chas. S. Middleton and Son had a long term business relationship with Mr. Huddleston, and our firm actually handled the sale of this property when he purchased the ranch in approximately 1970. Mr. Huddleston was a well known farmer and cowman from Scurry County, Texas. He personally operated the property, lived on the ranch for many years, and continuously improved this land from the day he purchased it until the day he passed away, earlier this year.

Being the brokers who handled this sale for Mr. Huddleston, we were very familiar with the ranch at the time he purchased it, and can attest to the fact that he improved what once was a very brushy, poorly watered, marginally improved ranch into one of the premier working cattle ranches in this area of Texas. Mr. Huddleston spent countless hours clearing mesquite, placing quality soils in productive farmland for wheat pasture, adding substantial water features to the property, building quality fences, updating and maintaining the improvements that were on the ranch at the time of purchase and adding additional needed structural improvements. Without question, his pride of ownership and love for the land is apparent.

Price: Without question, the OC Ranch is one of the best working ranches in this part of the state and the property is ready to own, operate and enjoy. This ranch is a true pleasure to show and our firm is very proud to have been selected as the real estate firm to market and handle the sale of this outstanding ranch.

The ranch is being offered for sale for $1,100 per acre. Considering the amount of work that has gone into this property over the years, including, but not limited to the construction and maintenance of the improvements, the large private lake, the construction of multiple large ponds, the addition of the waterline system and numerous concrete drinking troughs, the extensive brush work and mesquite/cedar grubbing, fencing, as well as root plowing all of the land placed into cultivation, this ranch is very realistically priced and could not be duplicated at this price level on today’s market.

Mr. Huddleston was well known in this area and was very well respected and liked by everyone we have met. His beloved OC Ranch is a truly remarkable place and whoever buys this property is getting a reputation ranch they will be proud to own.

An inventory of the current rolling stock located on the property is available, and the rolling stock, including farm tractors, implements, etc. may be available for purchase separately. There is a very quality cow herd on the property that may be available for purchase as well.

871.73 Deeded Acre Sumpter Johnson Mesa Ranch For Sale in Colxax County, New Mexico

Location: The Sumpter Ranch is well located on Johnson Mesa, approximately 20 highway miles east of Raton, New Mexico.

Acres: 871.73 Deeded Acres

Terrain: Johnson Mesa is widely known as one of the most productive ranching areas of the state, and additionally offers panoramic 360 degree scenic views with the added benefit of wildlife/hunting.

Johnson Mesa is a well-defined, prominent mesa plateau located east of Raton, New Mexico and just west of the small community of Folsom, New Mexico. This elevated

mesa plateau extends in a westerly to easterly direction approximately 20 miles and is generally 4-6 miles wide from north to south. Elevations on the open plains country at the foot of Johnson Mesa generally range from 6,500 – 7,000 feet. Elevations on top of Johnson Mesa range from 8,000 – 8,700 feet. This dramatic increase in elevation on the mesa provides a top-of-the-world view of the surrounding country side, overlooking the lower plains country below. From the mesa edge on the Sumpter Ranch, one can view Capulin Peak and Sierra Grande in the far distance. Johnson Mesa is characterized as a lava-topped tableland created from past volcanic eruptions.

Several volcanic cones, such as Red Mountain, Towndrow Peak and Dale Mountain rise approximately 400 feet above the surrounding mesa upland areas.

Elevations over much of the Sumpter Ranch range from 8,000 – 8,150 feet; however, a major drainageway, known as Uña de Gato enters the property near the northwest corner and meanders through the north-half of the ranch in a southeasterly direction. Intermittent holes of creek water are found along Uña de Gato.

This creek is very accessible throughout the north-half of the property. The creek has rocky side slopes and a sprinkling of brush cover in this area of the ranch. On the far eastern edge of the property, the creek transitions into a significant, very deep and rugged canyon, with sheer fractured rock ledges creating a natural operational boundary for the eastern portion of the ranch. This steep canyon escarpment area does not follow the true ownership boundary, with a small portion of the ranch being in the bottom of the canyon, and an estimated 20 or more acres of the neighbor’s country being on top of the elevated mesa uplands. In other words, from an operational standpoint, it appears that the Sumpter Ranch gains an additional 20 acres or so of neighboring land that cannot be accessed by the landowner to the east.

Oak motts, mountain mahogany and locust trees are found on rocky hillsides and side slope areas of the ranch. Large ponderosa pine, spruce and fir are found in dense concentrations in the rugged canyon areas.

Soils are deep and fertile on the level portions of the property and become very rocky on the side slopes and hilly areas. Rock outcroppings are generally described as volcanic malpai/lava rocks,

which give the soil and grass tremendous strength and fertility. The ranch has a lush cover of high elevation grasses, being grama, fescue, western wheatgrass and bluestem. Native grass vegetation

on Johnson Mesa is widely recognized as some of the best the state has to offer, and summer gains often exceed 300 pounds for the season (middle of May through October 1st – 15th) for yearling cattle.

While much of the Sumpter Ranch has an open appearance, pockets of brush and scattered trees offer favorable habitat for mule deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, turkey and black bear. Additionally, the heavily timbered Uña de Gato Canyon area adjoining the property on the east provides exceptional cover and habitat for mule deer and elk. In the early mornings and late afternoons, it is very common for wildlife to leave the protected canyon cover in order to graze on the productive Johnson Mesa pasture lands. Historically, the focus of the property has been seasonal grazing of yearling type cattle, but good hunting opportunities exist on the property.

Because of the high altitude, summers have very pleasurable moderate temperatures, and winters can be harsh. At times, the highway extending through Johnson Mesa will be closed during the winter months because of excessive snow. This snow, however, jump starts the country as temperatures warm in the summer, and native grass vegetation normally excels during the growing season, offering tremendous grazing opportunities from May – October. Typically, Johnson Mesa receives 19 – 20 inches of moisture during the year.

Water: The Sumpter Ranch is well watered with pockets of natural water along Uña de Gato, numerous earthen ponds, an electric submersible well located at the old ranch headquarters, and an electric solar well, which is located about mid-way into the ranch. An old set of ranch headquarter improvements are located on the property, but these structures have not been occupied in many years.

Access: Access to the property is provided by paved highway.

Price: The Sumpter Ranch is offered for sale at $1,400 per acre. One-half of the seller’s mineral interest will convey with the property. Property taxes are extremely reasonable, being approximately $420 per year.

The Sumpter Ranch is located in an area (Johnson Mesa) where ranch properties are typically passed down from generation to generation, and a property such as the Sumpter is seldom offered for sale.

We view this offering as a rare opportunity to purchase some of the most productive ranch country in Northeastern New Mexico. Please consider this outstanding offering.

Adams Ranch

Third Generation Texas Ranch For Sale in Terrell & Val Verde Counties

Location: The Adams Ranch is located approximately 34 miles south of Sheffield in the big deer country of Terrell and Val Verde Counties, Texas. This is a transitional area between the Edwards Plateau and Trans Pecos, widely recognized as some of the best and most challenging hunting in the state.

Acres: 22,375.6 Acres

Terrain: The terrain is somewhat varied, mainly consisting of gently rolling uplands sloping to two main draws that run through the ranch. Big Fielder Draw is located on the northern portion of the ranch and Osman Draw runs through the central portion of the property. The western portion of the property slopes west towards a major canyon located west of the ranch. Elevations on the property are typically around 2,000 to 2,100 feet.

Limestone rock outcroppings are common and soils are generally rocky. Of interest, a large cave or sinkhole is located on the western portion of the property that is reported to be very deep. Grass turf is considered to be in good condition and cover is diverse, with many varieties of native brush common to this area, including mesquite, cedar and greasewood being prevelant. Other varieties of brush and browse include sotol, cenezio, catclaw, blackbrush, desert willow, ocotillo, lotebush, and some scattered oak.

Water: The ranch is considered to be well watered. An electric water well is located at the ranch headquarters. This well supplies water to a large poly storage and several drinkers around the old headquarters area and traps. Three solar water wells supply water to various portions of the ranch, and all are equipped with water storage reservoirs. Two of the solar wells supply water to drinkers by several miles of waterline. Additionally, one operating windmill is located in the southern portion of the property. This mill also furnishes a large storage reservoir and supplies water to drinkers by waterline. Wells, waterlines and drinkers appear to be in good working condition and most of the waterline is buried.

Improvements: The Adams Ranch has typically been operated as a cow/calf operation. The property is fenced into eleven pastures with two traps.

The ranch headquarters discussed earlier consists of an older home utilized through the hunting season by hunters. A few old lean-to’s and sheds still exist, but overall, there are no usable structural improvements on the property.

Access: The Adams Ranch is considered to be fairly remote, with access being provided by maintained county roads. This area is sparsely populated and offers unmatched panoramic views for miles and miles. The small ranching community of Dryden is located approximately 15 miles west and Pumpville is about 11 miles south of the ranch.

Two maintained county roads, Pumpville Road and Fielder Draw Road, run through the ranch from Highway 349. These county roads run all the way through the ranch and lead to Pumpville and Pandale. Additionally, a well improved private road has recently been constructed along the southern boundary of the ranch for over six miles. A new fence that serves the Adams Ranch was installed along this road. This road was built to serve a rural subdivision which is located west of the Adams Ranch. The Adams Ranch has access on this adjoining road and there are gates into the property that can be locked. This private road and the county roads give year round access through the property and make getting across the ranch very easy.

Hunting/Recreation: Whitetail deer flourish in this region of Texas and this area is known to produce true trophy bucks. Bobwhite and blue quail are also very common, as are javelina and occasionally feral hogs and turkey. Dove hunting in this area is generally very good. Terrell County and the northern zone in Val Verde County both allow the harvest of two whitetail bucks. Both counties also offer a mule deer season, and mule deer are known to be in the area.

Remarks: There are several rural subdivisions in the general area of the Adams Ranch. This property has a lot to offer a cowman, sportsman, recreation buyer, developer or investor.

Price: Priced very realistically at only $325 per acre, and with annual property taxes of about $6,000 per year, it would be hard to find a more economical ranch with the added bonus of long term upside potential.

623.21 Acres Denton County Land For Sale

Located North of Denton Between I35 and 377

Location: The Reding Ranch is located in the northern outskirts of the City of Denton, in northern Denton County approximately 50 miles north of the Dallas Central Business District. The ranch is also centrally located to Hwy. 380 (7 miles), Dallas North Tollway (20 miles) and Interstate 35 (3.5 miles).

Acres: 623.21 Acres

Terrain: The property is gently rolling with a seasonal creek running generally north to south through the middle of the tract. The creek is lined with large Bodark trees. The property has an open appearance, with only a sparse amount of mesquite. Rolling hills give the property great elevation change and views for 20 plus miles in any direction.

Water: The ranch is considered to be well watered with 10 earthen ponds scattered through the property along with a co-op waterline (municipal quality water) running along the west side of the ranch. There are currently three taps available on this line. There are also scattered water wells in the vicinity.

Access: Access is available via a paved two lane highway, FM 2164, with considerable frontage on the west side of the ranch. The property has approximately 5,000 linear feet of frontage on FM 2164. The ranch is located four miles north of Loop 288 and two miles south of FM 455.

Improvements: The Reding Ranch is modestly improved with an older single family residence, storage sheds, barns, stock pens and pipe corrals. The house is approximately 2,500 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths. The house has not been lived in for five plus years so it needs some TLC.

Hunting/Recreation: Bird hunting is good and the numerous ponds provide excellent water fowl habitat. All ponds have been stocked for many years with the fishing reportedly being very good.

Price: $9,000 per acre

Remarks: This very well located property is currently zoned “RD-5”, Rural Residential District. The property is zoned for rural residential uses but is currently operated as a cow/calf ranching operation. This prime location offers tremendous development potential. Pastures have been well maintained with the elimination of mesquite and protecting the native grass with a very conservative stocking rate. Portions of the property are typically over seeded to wheat for additional seasonal grazing. The elevation changes, views and clean pastures make this a horse lover’s dream. The Redding Ranch is surrounded by highly improved horse properties and is only a few miles south of Lake Ray Roberts. It is not often that a property of this size with this many options and close proximity to the Dallas-Ft. Worth growth corridor comes on the market in this desirable area.





Ranch For Sale in Mitchell County, TX near Colorado City

Excellent Quail & Deer – Joins 100K+ Ac. Ranch!

Location: The ranch is located in southern Mitchell County south of Colorado City, Texas.

Acres: 2,019 Acres

Terrain: Terrain is gently rolling and hilly over much of the property with a fairly large mesa on the northwestern portion of the ranch. Some hills and side slopes run through the property in the eastern, central and northern portions.

Elevations on the ranch range from approximately 2,000 feet to 2,150 feet on top of the mesa.

The property is fenced and cross-fenced into two main pastures with a set of working pens centrally located. The Scharlach Ranch adjoins the famous Renderbrook Spade Ranch, which contains well over 100,000 acres.

Water: The ranch is watered by several dirt tanks as well as a windmill. Electricity is available on the county road that fronts the property as well.

Hunting/Recreation: As all quail hunters know, this area, known as “Quail Alley”, is infamous for wild quail production. Both bobwhite and blue quail species are present on the Scharlach Ranch, and on my inspection of the property in July over 100 coveys of quail were viewed or flushed on the ranch. It is my personal opinion that Mitchell County produces more quail year in and year out than any other area in the Rolling Plains of Texas.

Whitetail deer numbers are good in this area and turkey are very common. Migratory bird hunting in this area is also known to be exceptional.

A foodplot containing approximately 8 acres is located in the eastern portion of the property, and another field of approximately 12 acres is located on the northern portion of the property. These fields are generally planted to wheat or other grains and are a magnet to wildlife. Other areas of the property would be suitable for cultivated fields as well.

Price: The Scharlach Ranch is being offered for sale at $975 per acre. Offering exceptional hunting and recreation as well as good livestock grazing, this ranch has a lot to offer.

The property is being offered surface only with no minerals offered, however, all wind energy rights will be conveyed.

If you are in the market for a good hunting and cattle ranch, this offering deserves your attention.

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