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Texas Rural Land Value Trends

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The recognized source for current Texas land value estimates and projected future trends.

Texas Rural Land Prices: Regions reports the results of an analysis of prices adjusted to a standardized distribution of acreages in seven regional markets, plus a statewide analysis of land price trends. It also indicates market trends on a broad base.

Texas Rural Land Prices: LMA reports non-size-adjusted median prices for 33 smaller localized land market areas.

Reported sales from verified transactions reflect a mixture of land uses and conditions. Statistics in the reports reflect the overall price per acre without regard to land use. These reports focus on median prices as the most stable indicator of overall market conditions at any point.

Texas Rural Land Value Trends is prepared by appraiser-members of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. It reports estimated ranges of value for particular land categories and qualities by year, and estimates ranges of land rents for the various land types.

Users should regard statistics in all three reports as indicators of past general conditions in Texas land markets. The reported data should not be interpreted to represent prices or values of any particular farm or ranch. However, the statistics do provide a general guide to land market developments. Users should not regard the reported statistics as a substitute for an appraisal or market study of current local sales regarding the value any particular farm or ranch. 

The Texas Chapter of ASFMRA is the recognized source for current Texas land value estimates and projected future trends. Chapter members from all the regions of Texas provide data to develop the annual market study. This annual study was fostered in the late 1990’s in cooperation with Dr. Charles Gilliland, Research Economist at The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. The concept grew to include the information currently provided More...

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